From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [NC] Not a Clue! Date: Saturday, June 19, 1999 10:13 AM Sirius wrote: > Anxiously, Sirius knocked on the door. He turned around to see the > survivors of the hotel wreck struggling to climb up the cliff. As he > turned > back around, the door creaked open... Winsley is standing on the other side, "Welcome to the Estate, Sirius." "How do you know my name?" Sirius asks, wondering if this butler has been expecting him. "What do you think this is, a cave? Am I the booger man? Count Dracula?" Winsley asks the rhetorical question in a snobby way, "We happen to have an Entertainment Center with just about every electronic telecommunications device in the world. Mr. Rasoul, the owner of this mansion, and I, watched your Elite Four battle, much like the rest of the nation." "TV's, huh?" Sirius cracks his fingers, "Where would I find this Entertainment center?" Winsley points down the hall, "The fifth door on your left, Sirius. Though there's much more than the primitive TV. We have an ancient DVD player, and relatively new HDTV set, for all your high definition television needs!" SimynLocke wrote: > "Arg..." Simon mumbled. He found the entrance, and was about to leave > when a > familliar friend walked through the door. "Sirius?" Simon said to > himself.... Sirius shudders as he closes the doors behind him, "I just felt an... otherworldly presence." "That's nonsense." Winsley shakes his head, "No one has ever died in this mansion, and no one ever will." Sirius looks around for a ghost, then shrugs and heads over towards the Entertainment Center, with the ghost of Simon following him close behind. From the nether-verse where he lives, Simon exclaims, "I hope they get some porno stations! Hahahaha!" Karnivax wrote: > "Well, 'ello, 'ello, 'ello, what've we got here?" David commented in > his thick Australian accent. "Now that's what I call fortuitous." He > started walking toward the cliff, which seemed to be the only means of > getting to the mansion. "Goliath, y'up for a little rock-climbing?" Winsley tenses up when he hears a third knock on the door. He opens up the door to see a strange Australian man with a beard and his Golem next to him, "Is it wise to have a Golem out in the rain like that?" "Nah, it ain't wise, mate, an' that's why we'a here! Happen to have any grub, 'cus Goliath an' I 'aven't had any real food all day! Stinkin' bus." David steps in, closing his jacket so that the butler doesn't see the "R" on his shirt. "The Kitchen is past the Dining Room to your left. Help yourself to any of the food in the refrigerator, but don't open the closet." Winsley points to David's immediate left, and the David and Goliath duo head through the doors. Meanwhile, at the Main Lavatory, Robert opens up the door. Mithril-rama is about to run into the bathroom when Robert stops her by placing a hand on her shoulder, "I don't know about that bathroom... I think I felt a ghost watching me while I drained the Charmander." "Drained the...?" Mithril-rama begins to ask, before changing her mind and asking a more important question, "Ghost? What, like our Haunters?" "No..." Robert shakes his head, " a human ghost. It felt weird. Just don't do anything that might entertain him..." Mithril-rama lightly bops Robert on the head, "I don't do anything like that anyway, Robert!" She walks into the bathroom, shuts the door quickly and locks it, which isn't going to keep ghosts out... but fortunately Simon is presently occupied with Sirius in the Entertainment Center. -Robert