From: Spawn <nmvds@aol.computers> Subject: Re: [PW!] Now, you shall meet...the Mime! Date: Monday, June 28, 1999 4:49 PM > "Aw, crap. I guess you two guys weren't so terrible after all. There, you >guys >get a Marshbadge. Damn kids..." he muttered. Sure enough, there was the >Marshbadge. -A- Marshbadge. > "The hell...?" Gohan said. "What good's half a Marshbadge to each of us?!" >Sabrina's evil laughter could be heard. > "Well, by Sabrina's orders, you're here to stay for training. When it is >complete, you may have the other halves. Your two friends were already >briefed >on this. They will be joining you." > > Gohan and Fox looked to each other, and gulped. "Nice round," said Steve, who had been watching the whole thing. "Just like Sabrina to play mind games." "Since when do Mimes talk?" Karen wondered. "Hello Steven," said an old woman nearby. "You know my name?" Steve asked. "That's my specialty," the woman laughed. "Would you like to pay for a reading?" "I'm pretty low on money..." Steve told her. "Nonsense!" she responded. "Do you remember when two people tried to steal your car?" "Uh, yes," Steve replied, confused. "I don't know how you do..." "Those two left something behind," she explained, "prizes for the numerous people who were to defeat their Team. To defeat them is part of your destiny, Steve. It is only fitting that you would stumble upon such a prize." "Fox, would you mind checking it out?" Steve asked as he handed Fox his car keys, not turning his head the slightest bit." "Sure," said Fox as he took the keys and left. "So what can you tell me?" Steve asked. "Do you know how the universe started, how it was made?" she asked. Steve gave a blank stare. "Before this world was created, there was God. An awesome power. But do you know what came before god? What could give birth to such power?" "Nothing," said Karen. "Wrong," the old woman continued. "Before there was a God, there was chaos. For it is chaos and chaos alone that could give birth to such power. For the only reason why chaos did not create the world was because chaos has neither the mind nor the will to do so. I see such chaos in your future, Steven." "What do you mean?" Steve asked. "The future is unclear," said the woman, "undefined. Only the past and in hindsight are things 20/20." "So what can you tell me about my past?" Steve asked, a little intrigued. "The past is irrelevant," she said. "The past defines who I am," Steve insisted. "You and you alone define who you are," she laughed. "You cannot live in the past. You cannot live in the future. You can only live in the present." "But it's important..." he insisted. "Forget the past," she said. "A man has no recollection of their infancy for a reason. Sometimes it is better to forget our earlier years. You think that your world has come crumbling down ever since you lost your memory, but everything happens for a reason." "That's kind of different," Steve said sternly, "infancy is an infinitesimal part of our lives." "Steve," the old lady coughed, "hold out your left arm." Steve did as he was told, and she pointed to a vein. "That's not a vein, Steve," she explained. "That's your life line. You still have a lot of living to do." "Hey, you look like a tough guy," a man behind Steve suddenly shouted. "The names Bob. You up for a battle?" "Just a sec," Steve said as he turned his head, "I'm in the middle of an important conversation." "With who?" Bob asked. When Steve turned his head, the woman was gone. "Everything happens for a reason," he mumbled. "So you up for a battle?" Bob asked. "Sure," said Steve. "Great," Bob began, "Exeggcute, go!!!" "Exeggcute!" they yelled in unison. "Butterfree, you know what to do," Steve said calmly. "FREEEEEEEE!!!!!" it squealed. "Exeggcute, barrage attack!" shouted Bob. "Exeggcute!" the eggs shouted as the first of them slammed into the poor Butterfree. "FRRRREEE-EEEEEEEE!!!!" "Butterfree, respond with confusion!" Steve ordered. "FREEEEE!!!!" Butterfree shouted as it shot a single telekinetic beam at the oncoming onslaught of more Exeggcutes, knocking them all back to the ground. "Exeggcute, hypnosis!" "Exeggcute?" they responded, confused. "Butterfree, use your poison powder," Steve suggested. "FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" it shouted as it sprinkled the Exeggcute with his powder of death. "Exeggcute, return!" Bob shouted. "That's a pretty well trained Butterfree." "Thanks," said Steve. "Let's see how that flying Pokemon does against... Jynx!" "Butterfree, sleep powder!" Steve shouted. "Jyyynnnxxx..." the psychic Pokemon muttered as she began to tire. "Jynx, blizzard!" Bob commanded. "JJJYYYNNNNNNX!" Jynx said as she clapped her hands together and the whole room got a few degrees cooler. Everyone's breath was now visible. A cloud of water vapor began to accumulate above Jynx and snow began falling. "FRRRREEEEEEE!!!" Butterfree whined as it began to freeze and fall to the ground. "Jynx, finish him off with double slap!!!" Bob yelled. Jynx began to approach the little Butterfree. "Steve, do something!" Karen urged. "JYNX! JYNX! JYNX!" it said with each slap. "Butterfree, confusion! Use all the power you can muster!" Steve shouted. Butterfree let off an incredibly powerful beam of psychic energy and focused it on the poor unsuspecting Jynx, who was knocked clear across the gym. Steve's Butterfree took this opportunity to break free from the ice and flew over to her. "Butterfree, supersonic!" "FREEE-EEEEE-EEEEE-EEEEE-EEEE-EEEE-EEEE-EEE-EEEE-EEE!!!!!!" it began to screech as Jynx withered in pain. "Jynx, body slam!!!" Bob. She didn't respond. "Jynx?" "Butterfree, sleep powder!" Steve shouted, seizing an opportunity. Butterfree to himself. flew over the Jynx and sprinkled it with dust. "Jynx, return!" Bob said as he gave up. "Nice Butterfree." "Thanks," said Steve. "Nice Jynx. Where'd you manage to find those?" "We raise them back where I come from," Bob explained. "Look, I'll level with you kid... I'm kinda low on cash, so I might be able to sell one to you." "Sorry, but I'm kinda low on cash myself," said Steve. "Actually Steve, you're not," said Fox who had finally come in. "I found this bag in your car." Steve looked inside and found the bag was full of gold nuggets. "Well, I'll be damned," Steve said "the lady was right." "Well, anyway, if you're interested..." the man continued. Steve held out a gold nugget. "Will this do?" he asked. "That will do nicely," the man replied as he tossed Steve a Pokeball. "I have one just itching for more training." "Everything happens for a reason," Steve muttered to himself. "So who else needs to do something here?" TBC -Spawn "Wise Pokemon trainers never get involved in a cat fight" -Brock To reply, remove "puters" from the e-mail address.