From: Enter your name here <> Subject: [PW!] OK, I have no life, heres my 3rd story, named Psy-yi-yi-yi! Date: Monday, June 28, 1999 9:54 AM Storm awoke in his tent outside of town. He was ready to tkae on Misty with Pidgeotto, Psyduck, and Vaporeon. "Ah.........Storm you come again........ready to lose horribly?" taunted Misty. "Don't try it. We'll fight 1 on 1. I choose Pidgeotto!" Storm said eagerly. "Psy!" "Psyduck!" yelled Storm. "You're not Pidgeotto!" "Too bad." said Misty. "It's a 1 on 1 battle, you can't return it. Go Starmie!" "Oooohhhah!" "Psyduck!!" Psyduck waddled up to Starmie and scratched it. "Starmie! Tackle it!" Starmie flew up to Psyduck and hurt it bad in a spinning tackle. "Psyduck! Scratch!" This time Storm's strategy worked. Psyduck walked up to Starmie and used Confusion! "Hah hah!" said Misty. "Starmie is also Psychic type! Face it, there's no way Psyduck can win! Starmie, Bubblebeam!" Psyduck dodged the slow beam by diving underwater! When it came up for air it scratched Starmie with all its might! "Alright Psyduck! We're going to fight with strategy, not power!" "Yeah right." yapped Misty. "Starmie Tackle it!" Psyduck jumped out of the way. Storm then spotted a crack in Starmie's core! "Psyduck! Disable!" Just as Storm planned, Psyduck scratched it right in the core! A small fracture appeared. "Starmie......" said Misty softly. "Return! OK, Strom, you win. Here's the badge and my Bubblebeam TM, just let me heal Starmie." "OK." said Storm, almost whispering. "YES! I GOT THE CASCADE BADGE! Let's test it out. Psyduck Scratch me!" Psyduck waddled up to Storm and scratched him! "Ow......" said Storm in pain. "But it works! That trainer on Nugget Bridge is going to get whats coming to him!" Storm teached Bubblebeam to his Vaporeon and walked up to Nugget Bridge. "Hah, its you again. You here to be embarrassed again?" said the trainer. "Don't count on it...............Pidgeotto go!" "Uh...........Psyduck was supposed to come out!" complained the trainer. "Nope." Storm showed the Cascade Badge to the trainer. "Oh no.....uh...Bulbasaur go!" "Pidgeotto, Wing Attack!" Bulbasaur was hit hard and flew into the trainer, fainted. "You're too's the nugget. Normally you would have to beat all 5 trainers here, but you'd just embarrass them too." "Psst! Storm!" said a mysterious voice. "We could use a guy like you on Team Rocket........" TBC! PS: If there are any TR people in Cerulean I need to interact! --The ever growing Sig Enter your name here. Not a name, but a command. Tis worse to have loved and lost then to have loved and won. --myself Girl: Can I do the ABCs for the talent show? Myself: That's about all you know. No hiding in the doghouse. --Andy