From: Bandraptor <> Subject: Re: [PW] [NC] Of Heros and Demons Date: Tuesday, June 15, 1999 5:31 AM Whoopie! It's done! It's done! And fairly long, at that. ^^;; PWPikamew wrote: >"I don't like them..." Car'tos told Nori. >"Me nether, but if what they say is true.." >"Then they are going to join the battle." Car'tos cut her off. >They continued to walk down the alley to where they left BH. Their own footsteps were echoed by another set, as a magenta-haired Rocket quietly slunk away from the alley... >As they turned, they found a group of Rockets all over Black Hole, who >still had that flame-thrower. > >"Black Hole, put that weapon down!" Ordered James. >BH looked around, and strapped the gas tank on his back. >"Ok, i promise not to burn anything more if i get to use this for the >battle." >"Fine, but put me out!!" Yelled a Rocket running around with his back >on fire. (OOC: LOL!) > >"Jessie, where’s Grendle?" >"Right here sir!" Came the Walkie-Talkie on James' pants. >There was a rumbling, and four F16s flew by. >"Sir, we're going to land the Bombers. Care to join us?" >"Copy Grendle, we're on our way." >All the Rockets gathered their gear, made their way down the alley, and >were greeted by the other Rockets as they made their way down the >runway. > >The B2s were beaten down old craft. One of which had a hole in its >tailfin the size of a car. The planes had seen better days. >"Ok, 40 men per Bomber. Black Hole, you go with in this craft and >you'll be Front-Line Commander. Nori, you go in this plane, and you'll >be Fleet Admarel. Any questions?" >Many hands rise. >Car'tos lowered his head, and explained. >"Front-Line Commander is for ground assault. So you'll lead the ground >troops. Fleet Admarel deals with the fighters. We all know our roles? >Good, everyone, to your craft." > >Car'tos, Nori and BH watched as their troops entered the ships. Inside the ship, Nori chose a spot far from the other Rockets, and leaned back against a wall. She didn't know what she was doing anymore. She didn't really care about the war, and had nothing against Simon Locke... heck, he'd saved her life, during the battle in Pallet. What's more, she had been assigned a command position, by virtue of the fact that she knew Car'tos, the self-appointed leader. She knew nothing about commanding an army... In another part of the ship, Jessie crouched on the floor, a distant look in her eyes. James sat down next to her, quietly aware of her distress. Jessie spoke, without looking up. "They're back." <flashback> The early morning tranquillity was shattered, as a scream echoed from over the horizon. It started out soft; but got much, much, louder, as a pair of figures flew into view, plummeting from the sky. Jessie and James crashed to the ground, in a tangled heap. A moment later, a similar scream was heard, and a small cat landed squarely on top of them. "See! I told ya I could get us over that barrier!" Meowth cried, jumping to his feet. "Yeah..." Jessie grumbled, "...only *you* would suggest a CATapult..." "What can I say?" the cat smiled, almost coyly, "If you two hadn't lost the balloon, in that poker game..." The trio started off, pressing deep into the fields that bordered Pallet Town. "Um... Jessie, if you don't mind my asking," James began, looking around quizzically, "exactly what are we doing here? You know as well as I do, that these fields are strictly off limits. Hardly anyone comes in here anymore..." "Exactly." Jessie rolled her eyes. "Nobody comes in here, so it's an untapped source of pokémon! I've heard of wild Charmander and Kangaskhan living out here!" "Yeah!" Meowth chimed in, "and wild Dratini and Dragonair!" "That's nothing but an urban legend..." James protested, nervously. "...Besides, most of the people who DID come here, came out babbling about 'Marirus' and 'Ketsubans'!" Jessie and Meowth exchanged hopeless looks, then glared down at James. "So?" "So???" he sputtered, "There's something in here, and it's driving people to the brink! I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't want to go insane!" With that, he started running around in circles, waving his arms frantically. Jessie glowered at James, and hit him over the head with one of her paper fans. "Look," she cried, baring fangs, "If *you* want to try explaining our resent string of failures to the Boss, that's your choice." she looked into his eyes, to make sure that he was listening; and saw for the first time, how frightened he really was. Jessie cringed, and quickly lowered her voice, trying to calm him. "We don't have to stay here for long... just 'til we find him a peace offering. Then we can leave." This seemed to do the trick. James brightened immediately, and withdrew a pokéball from his belt. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's catch a pokémon!" "Feh." Meowth smirked, "do either of you two jokers even know HOW to catch a pokémon the real way?" "Hey, I caught Lickitung, didn't I?" Jessie returned. Meowth groaned. "I can't argue with that, but somehow, I feel like I should..." The group tromped on through the fields, each member secretly happy that the others were in good spirits. They passed through some tall grass, where Meowth chose to ride on James' head, as he was fearful of picking up ticks. From his high vantage point, Meowth was sure he saw the grass rustling around them, as if something was passing through it. "Eh... hold up guys..." the cat pokémon pricked his ears. "do you hear that?" Jessie and James froze, instinctively. For all they knew, it could be a sniper. "I don't hear anything..." Jessie ventured, after a moment. "I'm telling you, there's something out there!" "Maybe it's a pokémon," James sighed, hopefully. There was another moment of anxious silence. Finally, Jessie shook her head. "If it was a sniper, they would have shot us by now. I think you're just seeing things, Meowth..." As if in response, the grass around them started rustling again. The three Rockets grimaced in fear, and hugged each other for support. After a few minutes, the grass stopped moving, and there was silence once again. The Rockets remained where they stood, still paralyzed by fear. Finally James gathered his courage. "Show yourself! In the name of Team Rocket!" he ordered, the hesitance in his voice still apparent. The grass in front of them suddenly parted, as something came hurtling towards them. At this point, the Rockets decided that it was no time to be brave, and took off running. They stopped, a few feet beyond the tall grass, and after catching their breath, turned to see if they were still being followed. There was a crunching sound, as heavy feet ran over twigs and dry leaves; then a hunchbacked creature pushed through the blades of grass, apparently dragging something behind it. It remained on all fours, and glared up at the trio of intruders, who were now more frightened then ever. "Rockets..." it croaked, its voice thick from disuse, "...Do ... know...of ATR..?" It paused briefly, taking note of how the Rockets tensed, at the mention of the rival gang. They could make no verbal response, as they were still frozen with fear. "Tell them... quit dumping... garbage... in our home..." It reached back through the grass, withdrew the blood-covered corpse of a Rocket thug, and threw it down at their feet. The trio barely managed a scream, before collapsing in a dead faint. * * * Giovanni slammed a fist down on his desk. One of his men had been found dead, in a field outside Pallet, apparently done in by a member of ATR. He'd spent the last five hours questioning Jessie, James, and Meowth, trying to piece together the details surrounding the man's demise, but had little success. The trio was too badly traumatized to speak. Now alone in his office, he considered the possibility that THEY had been the killers- but quickly dismissed it. Jessie and James could talk tough, but they had little experience with death, and he doubted that they were capable of murder. There was only one thing left to do... Giovanni lifted the phone from its receiver, and punched a few numbers into the keypad. Then he leaned back in his chair, and let it ring... "Cerulean Brothel, this is Simon! How can we screw you today?" "Shove it, Locke." Giovanni snapped. "You killed one of my men. Why?" There was a brief silence on the other line, as Simon seemed genuinely confused. Finally, he regained his bearings, and responded with a scathing, "Huuuuhhhh?" Giovanni radiated pure hatred. "I want answers, now!" "Ah, yes," Simon responded, nonchalantly, "it's those costumes of theirs. White after Labor Day? They're just begging to be killed." Giovanni snarled, and yanked the phone's cord from the wall. If the ATRs *had* killed one of his men, they would be taking full credit for it. So contrary to Jessie and James' report, the man wasn't murdered by the rival gang... Across the room, Persian let out a low, long growl. Giovanni looked up, to see his pet bristling, the gem on its head glowing brightly. He quickly scanned the room, eyes open to any threat. "Overrr heeerrreee..." a voice hissed, from above him. Giovanni looked up, to see a large, cloaked creature hanging from one of the ceiling panels. It dropped silently to the floor, and with a swift flash of its dagger, lobbed off the Persian's head. "F-fuck you!" Giovanni stuttered, starting towards the creature, as it licked the blood from its knife. "Patienccccce... patienccccce..." it sneered, fastening its large, yellow eyes on the man's face. "In hasste, we make misstakesss." Giovanni pulled out a pistol, and aimed it at the creature's head. "Your mistake was coming in here, you bug-eyed freak! You're the one who killed that soldier!" "Yessss, and Nooo..." the creature flicked its tongue. "We did indeed kill him... but that wasss not our misstaaake. Our misstaaake, wasss in beliiieving that the deathh of a sssoldier could sstart a warrr." Giovanni blinked. "A war?" Without warning, the creature leapt at him, overturning his desk, and knocking the weapon from his hand. It held him to the ground with one foot, and put the knife to his neck. "Yesss, a warr... you ssshould know asss well ass anyone, Giovvvannni, that a warrr providesssss perfffect coverrrr, for one'sss rissse to powerrrrr... yourrrr trrroupsss' successs isss asss a ressult of the distrrrrraction wrrought on trainersss, by their obsssessssion with battling. Now then... what happensss to the populassse, when a warrr eruptsss between the two mossst powerrrrful gangsss?" It paused, for tension. "Chaossss, my friend, utterrrr chaosss. Disssstraction, enough, forr me and my brothersss to take back thisss land, which isss rightfully oursss..." The creature flashed a sinister grin, and drove its knife through Giovanni's skull. Jessie and James would find him there later, with a simple note on the dagger, that read: HA HA! -Simon Locke </flashback> James sighed, almost inaudibly. After Giovanni's death, he and Jessie had rallied the Rockets, and sworn to kill Simon, for the sake of their leader, and the unknown soldier. It wasn't until later, far, far later, that they'd realized their mistake. The ensuing battles were gruesome, and widespread enough, that there wasn't a man, woman, child, or pokémon, that wasn't concerned as to the outcome. People let their guard down... and with the humans distracted, the creatures silently snuck across the Pallet Town border. From out of nowhere, people began dying; Rockets, Anti-Rockets, and civilians alike. At first the deaths were made to look like casualties of war, people were found with bullets in their chests, or burn scars, that resembled those inflicted by a Charizard. But after a while, the creatures had stopped caring about keeping themselves hidden, and began to attack the humans openly. They ran through the streets at night, slaying people while they slept, mocking those who witnessed their crimes. And then, they stopped. The cities were in ruins, the people were distraught... Rockets had been jumping ship, left and right. Simon Locke stepped up to stage, promising to restore order to the land. But the important thing was, the creatures had retreated back to the fields outside of Pallet. He and Jessie were confused, as to the motives behind the creatures' sudden withdrawal, and fully expected a sneak attack. They camped out at the Pallet Town border for two months, awaiting the creatures' next move... but it never came. Finally, they left, hopeful that the threat had passed. But now he could see that it hadn't. There had always been a sneaking suspicion at the back of his mind--and Jessie's too, no doubt--that the creatures had somehow managed to manipulate them into starting the Great War. And now they were back... James turned to Jessie, sadly. "We're playing right into their trap. Again." "I know." He shook his head. "And yet, I can not allow Locke to rule over us, unopposed." "It's a double-edged sword." she responded, quietly. The rest of the trip, was flown in silence... TBC... -Beth "Ii kanji!"