From: Marco262 <> Subject: [PW!] On the road to Cerulean Date: Saturday, June 12, 1999 10:44 PM Famifax's lips were just inches away from Darian, when Pardus leapt up and snatched the lei off Famifax's neck in his mouth and raced into the costume racks. Yelping in surprise, Famifax chased after Pardus, temporarily forgetting her "hunkee". Darian lifted his head and gave Marvin a look that said he would be getting off as soon as possible. In the impenetrable maze of the costume racks, Famifax searched for the Persian still in possesion of her lei. She came across a very peculiar, very short man with a wrinkled trenchcoat that reached to the floor and a Bogart hat that completely covered his features. Famifax flashed a pearly white smile at the man. "Do yas knows where a little catties went?" The man held up an arm that filled up just half his shirt sleeve and pointed to the right. "Thanks lots Mr. Man!" squealed Famifax running off in the direction the man pointed. When she was gone, Pardus quickly shed his disguise and headed back to Darian, leavign the lei on a hanger between a plaid clown suit and a Groucho Marx costume. Darian was sitting in a folding chair enjoying soda when Pardus returned out of the jungle of polyester and nylon. Darian grinned at his pokemon. "Thanks for the rescue, Pardus." *Although frankly I wouldn't really have minded,* he thought to himself, *I just wish she had better aim.* Marvin took a sip from his cup of tea and asked Darian, "So what are you planning on doing in Cerulean?" "Nothing actually, I'm not going to be staying very long." Marvin raised a curious eyebrow to this. "Oh? Then where are you going?" Darian sat forward and contemplated over his glass of pop and answered hesitantly, "I don't really know yet." "For someone who doesn't know where they're headed, you seem to be in a hurry." Darian looked Marvin in the eye and replied, "I figure that the sooner I get there, the sooner I know where I'm supposed to be." Immediately after he finished this sentence, Famifax popped her head out of the clothes rack and grinned in Darian's direction. Darian stood up, gave his cup to Marvin, excused himself and shot to front of the caravan with Famifax hard on his heels." (OOC: A chase scene! Whaddaya think?) (Again OOC: Is it okay if I add Minax to Darian's list of enemies? I think that her homicidal tendencies towards pokemon and Darian's protective instincts would make them really good enemies. Plus, it might lead to a much more interesting future for Darian. Is that okay?)