From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!] On the road to Cerulean Date: Tuesday, June 15, 1999 10:38 PM Marco262 wrote: > Inside, Marvin was trying to subdue Famifax who had recently woken up > and found the usefulness of using her Jigglypuff body as a substitute to > a superball. Darian walked with his still groggy Persian swaying beside > him at the exact moment Famifax was hurtling toward the door. The > Jigglypuff collided directly with Darian's chest causing the pokeball to > fly out of Darian's hand right into Marvin's and knocking Darian back > through the door. Marvin looks down at the Pokeball in his hands, "Ahh, Excellent!" Darian stumbles back through the doorway. Famifax the pink Jigglypuff is hugging the back of his neck with her little arms. She begins kicking her feet up and down in joy, "Weeee! Daree man giveee me fun fun ride! He luvz meeee!" Marvin chuckles, "Did the Jigglypuff you caught put up a fight?" Darian thinks about it then nods a little before shaking his head, "Sort of... It Doubleslapped and sung..." He crouches down and rubs his Persian behind his ears, "Nothing Pardus couldn't handle, though!" Xerox, the purple Ditto, speaks up from her place in the corner, "Doubleslap? That's highly peculiar. The Jigglypuff in this particular area usually only know how to Sing. It seems that you stumbled upon one of the older and wiser Jigglypuff, who have fought various wild Pokemon in the area, gaining valuable experience. If I remember correctly, that would mean that she also knows Pound, Disable, and Defense Curl. Then again, Pokemon can only know four moves at a given time. Sing and Doubleslap are definitely in her arsenal of attacks, and Flash will soon be replacing whatever her third maneuver is, but it would help to know what her fourth move is. I guess it is Pound, if she has survived this long in the wild without getting caught by children passing through the area." Marvin sweatdrops and chuckles, "Uhhh... Okay, Xerox! Thanks for the info... Now where's that Flash HM?" Famifax kisses the back of Darian's head and jumps onto the ground, "I help! I help! Lessee..." Xerox snorts, "That's a first." She places her attention on her novel again. Famifax the Jigglypuff jumps over towards the largest trunk in the caravan, filled with all sorts of trinkets, and finds it difficult to open with her tiny arms, "Unnngh! Meeno reachiss! I gotsta change!" The Jigglypuff inflates her body and it starts to change shape and grow, settling on the form of a 17 year old girl with tan skin and dirty blonde hair. The girl is wearing a green tank top and very short jeans, "Okiedokie! Hands are coolio!" She uses her new hands to open up the trunk and rummages through it, "Laaa deeee daaa... Lesse..." Marvin gestures for Darian to sit down in a rocking chair across from the bean bag where he spends most of his time, "Please, sit, sit..." Darian leans back into the chair, only to find it hard to control! It swings back and forth rapidly, and he is trapped in it's clutches, afraid that jumping off might hurt, "Uhhh, Marvin, stop this crazy thing!" Marvin sweatdrops and looks at Xerox, "Help him out, Xerox!" Xerox mumbles under her breath and oozes up to the rocking chair. She glows and transforms into a cowgirl with purple hair, wearing a big brown sombrero, a flannel shirt, long blue jeans, and brown boots. She is swinging a long lasso in her right hand, "All right, 'partner'. Stand still and this shall not damage you." Marvin smiles and nods, "Definitely a spectator from the time we performed in the Laramie ranch!" Xerox raises her lasso up high and throws it over the rocking chair. She draws back her arm, tightening the grip around both the chair and Darian. Strangely, the rocking chair continues to rock while Xerox restrains it, "Marvin, did you do anything to this rocking chair? I sat in it in the recent past and it functioned properly." Marvin scratches a patch of brown and silver hair visible on the sides of the top hat, "Hmmm... I don't remember anything... Wait! Oh yeah! It was making some creaking noise when rocking so I put oil on the bottom!" Xerox sighs, "Of course." She slides one of her boots under the chair's semi-circular legs while continuing to keep the lasso in place. After a few minutes of this, she manages to get the chair to stop. She hoists the lasso in such a way to pull Darian off the dangerous sitting place! The lasso grips his shoulders tightly. Xerox kneels down and releases Darian from the rope's hold. Once this task is finished, she changes back into her usual purple Ditto form, "There." Darian rubs his aching shoulders, "Thanks! ...I think." Famifax squeals out happily, "Mee finds the HM! Flash! YAYEE! I wansta learn FLASH! Then I FLASH Darian!" Marvin shakes his head while walking over to the tanned blonde who is really a Ditto, "It's not *that* kind of Flash, Famifax! At least I don't hope so... Jigglypuff doesn't look like the type. Or does she?" Marvin opens up the box known as HM05 and drops the shrunken Pokeball containing Jigglypuff into it. "This should take a moment..." Xerox looks up at Marvin, "Actually, master, the belief that a Pokeball must remain in one of those minuscule contraptions for an extended period of time for the Pokemon within to learn the move is inaccurate. Within mere seconds of making contact, the machine begins to operate. In fact, that Jigglypuff already knows the technique known as Flash." "Really?" Marvin looks down at the box in his hand, wondering how his Ditto knows so much, "Okay then..." He opens up the box, removes the tiny Pokeball, enlarges it, and throws it onto the floor. The Jigglypuff pops out, "PUFF!" Marvin smiles down at the Pokemon, "Alright, Jigglypuff, use Flash!" The Jigglypuff shakes her entire body in disagreement and skips over towards Darian, "Jiggly!" Marvin furrows his brow, then snaps his finger, "I know! The Jigglypuff thinks she belongs to you since you caught her!" Famifax's eyes open up wide, "WAT?!?!" She runs over towards Darian and raises one bare foot to step on the Jigglypuff which she believes wants Darian as much as she does, "You's aboutta gess yer butt kicked, Jiggoo!" Marvin and Xerox both cry out in a scolding tone, "Famifax! Don't!" When Famifax's foot makes contact with the Jigglypuff, the Pokemon shrinks down into a pink plate! Famifax then kicks the flattened Pokemon across the caravan floor and places her hands on Darian's chest, drawing imaginary circles on there with her fingers, "Nowzat she outtada way, wees can go and be in love! Woohoo! YAY! Fersure!" Marvin walks over to the flattened Jigglypuff, and picks her up, "Uhhh, how do you fix this?" Xerox offers some advice, "Being a balloon Pokemon, I suppose that cardiopulmonary resuscitation will suffice." Marvin looks down at the flat Jigglypuff in his hands, sweatdrops, and looks over at Darian, "Uhh, Darian, you don't suppose you could...?" Famifax cuts her master off by showing her teeth, "GRRRRRRRR!!!" "Guess... not..." Marvin sweatdrops again and looks down at Xerox, "Could you...?" Xerox looks up with uninterested eyes, "Ditto do not have lips. In addition, if my calculations are correct, I only have enough strength to Transform two more times before requiring a Pokemon Center or an Ether. I do not think it is wise to waste one of my remaining Transformations on inflating a balloon Pokemon." "Uhh... Uhh... Oh, fine." Marvin touches his lips onto the Jigglypuff's small mouth and begins to inflate her. He goes a little too far with this, and when he releases her, she flies around the caravan before landing in the costume racks. An angry "PUFF!" can be heard from within. The Jigglypuff emerges wearing a blue ribbon, "JIG GAL LEE!" Xerox walks up to the angry Jigglypuff and places an incompletely formed Ditto arm on her back, "I'm empathetic of how you feel, Jigglypuff. Now I require your assistance outside. Do you believe that you can ride on the back of a Rapidash and use Flash so that your large blue pupils light up the interior of Mt. Moon, a cave you must already have been in?" Jigglypuff doesn't understand much of what Xerox says, as is evident in her blank stare, but she nods anyhow. Xerox leads the Jigglypuff outside of the caravan, "Very well. Now I shall become a Rapidash, and you must mount me." Famifax gets tired of hearing her sister talk, so she runs over to the caravan doors and slams them shut. She grabs Darian's hand and tries to lead him into the clothing racks, "C'mon, Daree man! I wantsta try lotsa costumes on ya, and like ya can tell me like whadya totally likesta see me put on! Fersure!" Marvin grabs the remote for his television, turns it on, and sinks back into his bean bag chair, "Just make yourself at home, Darian. After we go through Mt. Moon, Cerulean City is right there!" -Marvin