From: Marco262 <> Subject: Re: [PW!] On the road to Cerulean Date: Wednesday, June 16, 1999 11:07 PM Roberto Perez-Vila wrote: > Famifax gets tired of hearing her sister talk, so she runs over to the > caravan doors and slams them shut. She grabs Darian's hand and tries to lead > him into the clothing racks, "C'mon, Daree man! I wantsta try lotsa costumes > on ya, and like ya can tell me like whadya totally likesta see me put on! > Fersure!" > > Marvin grabs the remote for his television, turns it on, and sinks back into > his bean bag chair, "Just make yourself at home, Darian. After we go through > Mt. Moon, Cerulean City is right there!" > > -Marvin After hours of being a captive participant in Famifax's little dress-up game, Darian finally got a chance to get to bed when Famifax fell asleep in a skimpy lion tamer's costume. Removing the lion costume Famifax had forced him into, Darian made his way to a cot in the corner of the room. Pardus was already sleeping on the floor next to his cot and Marvin was laying face up on his bed, a light snore escaping his wide open mouth. Darian smiled at the serene atmosphere the small room held and climbed in bed. He pulled the covers up and let the gentle blanket of sleep overtake him. Dark. That's what it was. Darian looked around the spacious cavern. Hearing a noise up ahead, he ran toward an opening in the stone wall. He passed through the low arch and observed the scene in front of him. A figure stood about 10 yards away. In front of the mysterious person danced a Clefairy, clutching a Moon Stone close to its body, happily singing out its name. Darian just then noticed that the decidedly female figure was pointing a finger at the pokemon. And she was counting. "Five..." The Clefairy pranced around gleefully. "Four..." A finger? "Three..." The pokemon swung the Moon Stone around its body. "Two..." Or was it a gun? "One." The shot resounded cruelly through the caverns, causing each creature, pokemon or human, to stop and shudder. Except the girl. Darian watched in shock as the murderer calmly walked over and took the Moon Stone out of the Clefairy's bloody, lifeless, hands. Darian screamed in terror and hatred at the mindless killing he had just witnessed. Then she saw him. Why was she smiling at him? She raised her gun at him. The light glinted evilly off the Pidgey skull hanging around her neck as Darian stood frozen in absolute horror. But, he realized, now only one thing matters. He hated her. Her smiled widened as she calmly pulled the trigger. The bullet travelled toward Darian in a slow spin. His anger welled up inside him as the bullet hit its mark right in the center of his forehead. He hated her. Darian woke up screaming in a flood of sweat that covered his convulsing body. Two pairs of arms grabbed him, frantically trying to stop his wild twitching. Free of the nightmare, he eventually calmed down and lay on the cot, staring up at the faces of Marvin and Xerox. The Ditto had finally convinced Famifax to do some work pulling the caravan. His two friends hesitantly returned to their beds only after Darian repeatedly reassuring them that he was okay. Pardus climbed up on the foot of the bed closer to his friend in case it happened again. Darian stared at the ceiling contemplating his recent nightmare. One thought crossed his mind before he sank into a fit of restless sleep: "I really wish they wouldn't do that." TBC? (Duh.) (OOC: Take it Marvin!)