From: Insanellama <> Subject: [PW!] Operation: Silver Dolphin continues Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 6:59 AM The manilla folder the man gave them containing the tickets also contained 3 pairs of fake ids. Chaoticllama took them out. "One for insertion, one for while on board, and one for leaving if the boat survives." he began lookin over his 3 ids. Since a while back Team Rocket had managed to steal government id manufacturing equipment, the ids would pass any check. Team Rocket had probably gone so far as to hack them into public records as well, which meant they were all but legitiment. If the people named actually existed, they would be legit. "The tickets are for the same suite of rooms. I see some tactical reasons, but I see another reason as well. Our insertion set of Ids has us as a married couple. Well, we'd better go shopping for clothes to match these ids." said chaoticllama to Claire. They took a pidgey airport ride to Celadon city, and went into the mall there. There, they purchased luggage, as well as the clothes to match thier ids. Chaoticllama's on board id had him pegged with 3 dui's, and a comment that he was a constant drunkard. He could put on a pretty good act for that he figured. For the first id, he got some Kahki's, as well as a navy blue Pokemon Tech sweat shirt. He got some hair gel, and a golf visor to complete the look, of a man going on a luxury cruise with his wife. For the second, he got some ratty bermuda shorts, and a hawaiian shirt that was almost painful to look at. He purchase several similiar sets, as this was the id he would be using the longest. He also stopped by the licquor stoor, and stocked up on some of the harder stuff, in case the boat didn't have any. His third id, had him as a blind man. He bought a white cane, some dark unassuming sunglasses, some jeans, and a plain black shirt. With all his stuff packed up once he left the mall, he rondesvoued with Claired at the time they had chosen. For the first id, she had gone with khaki shirts and a spaghetti string tank top. The second one had her set up as a commercial air pilot on vacation. She had chosen to go with some short hawaiian shorts, and a bikini top. Her final id had her as an ex-marine. Chaoticllama worked with her on getting the even quick military step down. She had it quickly. She had some camouflaged fatigues, and a olive green t-shirt for this id. Chaoticllama managed to get a hold of some aluminum, and carefully made dog-tags that probably would have passed inspection by the chief military quartermaster. He handed them to her on a chain. "That'll complete the image," he said. Chaoticllama's saddle bags were packed in his luggage, and all the weaponry was encased in sensor blanking equipment. Because of this, he had to sacrifice all his on-board weaponry that he carried with him as well. He just didn't feel right without a knife next to his skin. Claire felt the same way about her boot knife, and said as much. They went into 2 public showers, and took showers before changing clothes. Chaoticllama's id's all had him with blonde hair. They had been able to put this in the picture as well, with computer graphics imaging technology. HE died his hair blonde, and used the gel to set it in a style similiar to the one in the picture on the first id. When they met back at fuschia, after taking seperate pidgey planes back there. Claire was a little shocked at what she saw. Chaoticllama pulled out the id. "I don't like it any more than you do, but it will make me less recognizable, and the boss was right in doing it." he said. They walked with all thier luggage down to the docks. There they spotted the silver dolphin. When they got up to the gang-plank, a guard stopped them, "Tickets please." Chaoticllama pulled out a leather wallet and handed the man two tickets. "Ok, you can go on board, your suites on deck 3." he said handing the tickets back to chaoticllama. He put them back in the wallet and pocketed it. Chaoticllama noticed the very well disguised metal detector on the gang plank about mid way up. "nice," he thought. Claire hadn't missed them ethier. When they got to their room, Chaoticllama put a do not desturb sign on the door. They needed time to set up, and it matched thier insertion Id, the id that would be associated with the room. Chaoticllama unpacked his luggage. He layed out his arsenal, in a nice neat arrangement. Then he unpacked the licquor, and put it in the mini-fridge. "Well, once I finish laying out all my stuff, then it's time to move on to id number 2. Chaoticllama was going to enjoy this role, it allowed him to get involved in drunken brawls and would be all around fun to see the look on the scientists face when a man who looked as drunk as possible with out passing out one minute, flashed an expert kick into his jaw, shattering it, or some other variation. Chaoticllama put on one of the shirts and a pair of the shorts. He mismatched them as much as possible on purpose. Then He splashed vodka and tequilla over the whole thing. To complete the image, he drank a few shots to get the smell on his breath. He was still sober, but no one else would believe it when he began the act. Claire put on a pair of short shorts, and a bikini top. Chaoticllama's eyes nearly came out of thier sockets. He quickly recovered a second later, "Nice disguise," he coughed out. I'm gonna go scout around, find the bars I'll have to frequent, you can leave 5 or 10 minutes behind me. Chaoticllama affected a drunken stumble just before he stepped out the door. He was weaving back and forth down the halways, occasionally tipping the tequilla bottle to his mouth in what looked like a full shot, but was really just enough to wet his lips. It was now 8 am. A man stopped him in the halway. "Drunk as a skunk at 8 am," said the man who was dressed similiarly to chaoticllama's first id. "Yood bedder ge' oudda ma wayyyy." Chaoticllama slurred. The man tripped him as he walked by. Chaoticllama made the next look like an accident, as he fell, he hooked his right leg in fron of the man, and left behind. As he rolled into his fall, it brought his legs around, and the man came crashing down on his back. "Ssssorrra aboud thad fella," he said stumbling up. The man got up, and continued in the direction he had been walking without another word. Chaoticllama stumbled up the stairs onto the main deck. When he got there, he immediately spotted a bar. "The glowspider" Chaoticllama thought, "Hmmm. Must be a franchise of seedy bars." he stumbled toward the entrance, and stumbled right on in, he put the now empty tequilla bottle in the trash at the door, or almost. He missed by a foot or so, and the bottle broke on the floor. some of the glass dug into his calf, but he ignored it, and sat down at the bar, "Barrrrtenda, I'lllll havea beeerr." he slurred out. The bartender looked down and saw that the man was bleeding profusely from his calf, as well as the fact that the man seemed not to notice it. "Hey pal, you've had enough, and besides, you'd better get that leg looked after," he said pointing at the blood going down chaoticllama's leg. Chaoticllama didn't miss a step, "Yood bedder ge' me thad beeer, or I'mmm agonna messsss u' yerr face." he slurred out. The bartender laughed, and said "You couldn't mess up a 2 year old as drunk as you are." Chaoticllama wanted a reputation for haveing a quick temper, so he slammed a fist down onto a wooden table, which promptly cracked. "Dammmit, I SSAID GE' MEA BEERRR" he slurred picking up a chair and throwing it across the room. He stumbled out in an affected drunken rage. He stumbled back the suite which was now empty. As soon as the door shut, he sobered up. He bandaged the cuts after removing the glass, but left the blood there to dry. TBC zephyr you write claires half now please.