From: <> Subject: [PW!]Operation Silver Dolphin Complete..Or Is It? Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 10:29 AM Claire ran down the hallway but stopped as soon as she heard two guards speaking. "Now that the pokepedia 3000 is in the security room of the Captain's deck it will be secured from anyone", said one of the gaurds. Claire then ran outside of the ship and when no one was looking started to climb to the top. She soon arrived to the top and looked through the skylight which was left open due to the heat. Claire saw the lasers and found a hole in them big enough for her. "Lets see if Chaoticllama can do this", Claire thought to herself as she climbed down holding on to the ledge. She then started to swing, when she had enough momentum she jumped and somersaulted through the lasers before landing gently. "Okay, this is pretty pathetic secruity", Claire thought to herself as she jumped and dove through more lasers before rolling through some more lasers. "Ok, one more jump and slide should clear me", Claire thought to herself before she did it. "Ah, there now for the barrier", Claire thought to herself before bringing out a shield disrupter. She then applied the shield disrupter before taking the chip and replacing it with a fake one. "There the lasers will be down for a few moments", Claire thought to herself before she scaled the wall. She then propelled herself to the opening in the sky beofre pulling herself up. She looked down as she pulled herself up and noticed that the lasers were reactivated. Claire then changed into a bikini top and shorts before throwing her other clothes ,which would dissolve in one hour, into the water. She then placed the chip in her bikini top for safe keeping before jumping down to the deck. She made her way back to the room, but not before getting two glasses of wine from a passing waiter. She opened the door only to see Chaoticllama on the couch pretending to be passed out from a large intake of alcohol. Claire then closed the door and made her way over to where Chaoticllama was. Chaoticllama hearing her sat up and smiled. "Mission Accomplished", said Claire as she sat down next to Chaoticllama. They both then drank the night away. Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.