From: Ncnc123 <> Subject: [PW] Pewter City Gym Date: Friday, June 18, 1999 8:29 AM "I'm going to the Pewter City Gym," Shock told Scy. "Are you going with me?" "No, I already got the Boulder Badge," Scy told him. "Fine, I'll go get one," Shock said. He left Scy standing there and walked towards the Pewter Gym. The outside of the gym was grey. It was made of stone. Shock pulled back the doors to the gym and entered the gym. He walked down a short hallway to the battle area. The man sitting on the stone steps directly in front of Shock was Brock, the gym leader of Pewter Gym. 'Yuck,' Shock thouht, "Our names rhyme. I hope he dosn't ask me my name.' "What is your name?" Brock demanded to Shock. "Uh, My name is... Stephen," Shock lied. "Well Stephen, we will use two pokemon each. I will use you, Geodude!" Brock cried, "Go!" Brock threw the pokeball containing Geodude on the ground and Geodude popped out. "Geodude," It said. "Go, Magnemite!" Shock cried. "Geodude, tackel it, now!" Brock cried. Geodude flew towards Magnemite. "Magnemite, dodge Geodude and use supersonic!" Magnemite dodged Geodudes attack at the last second and let out a shrill sound that confused Geodude. "Geodude, Earthquake!" Brock cried. Geodude slammed itself on the ground. It raised itself and slammed on the ground again and again. It didn't affect Magnemite, who was floating above it. "Magnemite, sonicboom!" Shock called. Magnemite blinked its one eye and a cyclone of pure energy formed in front of it. It blinked its eye one more time and sent the energy strait at Geodude. "Geodude!" It cried as the energy cyclone hit it. "Geodude, return!" Brock cried. A red beam of light shot out of the pokeball and engulfed Geodude. The red light then went into the pokeball. Brock closed the pokeball and grabbed another one. "Go, Zubat!" Brock cried, and a Zubat flew out of the pokeball. 'A Zubat?' Shock thought, remembering the "vampire Zubat" he and Scy had encountered in Mt. Moon. 'Great.' "Magnemite, return!" Shock cried, "Go, Clefairy!" It bounded out of its pokeball. "Clefairy!" Clefairy said. "Zubat, bite it!" Brock cried. Zubat flew up to Clefairy and opened its mouth, showing its sharp teeth. It moved closer to Clefairy and bit it. "Clefairy!" It cried, wrigling in pain from the bite. "Clefairy, use your sing attack!" Shock cried. "Cle-fai-ry" It said musicly, "Cle-fai-ry, Cle-fai-ry, Cle-fai-ry." Zubat crashed into the floor, asleep. "Clefairy, Thunder attack!" Shock cried. "Clefairy!" it said. Electrisity shot from Clefairy and hit Zubat. "Zuuuuuubat!" Zubat murmered in its sleep. "Zubat, return!" Brock cried. Zubat went into its pokeball. "You have won, Stephen," Brock said to Shock, "Here is the boulderbadge. You have earned it." "Thank you Brock, Shock said. He turned around and left the gym to go meet up with Scy. TBC...........? ---------------------------