From: IcyPikachu <> Subject: [PW!] Pika Vacation Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 4:05 PM Last time, Icy and Sara left the forest outside Fuchsia City for the Seafoam Islands. They arrived there after a long sea voyage aboard Icy's Porygon. Icy, Sara, and all Icy's pokémon are now taking a summer vacation in the Pokémon Resort on the Seafoam Islands. And now... ---===<<<((( PIKA VACATION )))>>>===--- Icy and Sara had been enjoying every moment of their stay in the Pokémon Resort. Icy could tell his pokémon were having a good time as well. Since they arrived, they were given excellent care by the trainers who worked at the resort. Even Icy enjoyed learning how to better master his pikachu form. It seemed that with ever day, he was becoming more like a pikachu then a human. One day, while Icy was searching for Diamond's pokéball, he came across a very dusty, round object. It was a pokéball he hadn't used for quite a long time. He opened it, revealing a Spearow. He suddenly remembered about the Spearow he caught just after the accident. "Oh my. I can't believe I forgot about you. I'm so sorry. Hmm. Well, you need a name. How about, Ironbeak?" "Spear spearow!" Ironbeak said with content. "Great. I'll have to introduce you to my other pokémon." Icy gathered Sara and the others ad introduced them to Ironbeak. They welcomed the fearsome bird pokémon into the group. "Hor sea. Hor sea!" Neptune said cheerfully as she splashed around in the pool. Hyper was also with her and they were playing a little game in the water. "Sara," Icy called. "Yes Icy." "Why don't we get one of the trainers here to teach you how the swim?" "But I'm scared..." she answered nervously. "Don't worry. The trainers won't let you drown. Besides I'll be right here." Sara thought about it for a sec. "Comon... You don't want to miss out on all the fun, do you?" Before Sara could even say 'OK', Icy took her by the paw and ran over to the trainer attending the pool. "Hello there Icy, Sara. What can I do for you?" "Can you teach Sara how to swim? She has a slight fear of water." "Of course. It's nice to be able to take a dip in the water from time to time." He looked at Sara. "We'll start with the basics." He went over to a bag and pulled out two round floaties and put them around Sara's arms. "Don't worry. These will make you float." Then, he took Sara over to a shallow pool. There were other pokémon there who were learning to swim too. The lesson began. Icy watched as Sara struggled furiously to stay about the water. Finally, she got so mad she let out a large thundershock through the pool. Sara looked at the fried pokémon and trainer and blushed. "Pika..." she muttered softly. After several more lessons, Sara was finally beginning to get the hang of it. Icy told her he'd come back later to see how she was doing and went to check on his other pokémon. Leafy, Buttercup, and all the Caterpie were playing in a field near the pool. Ironbeak and Windstorm were performing tricks in the air. Cyber was resting in the sun charging his solar energy batteries. Hocus sat under a tree in the shade concentrating. Icy went over to him. Hocus sensed Icy's presence. "Yes master. Is there something you need from me?" "No Hocus. I just wanted to sit with you. What are you thinking about?" "I was thinking about many things. But my main thoughts were on you and Sara." "Oh... Good thoughts I hope." "Yes. Good. You and Sara are certainly meant for eachother. I was also thinking about you in general." "What do you mean?" "Master, you are showing signs that indicate you are becoming more Pikachu and less human." "Is that a bad thing? There isn't a cure. And even if there was, I would lose Sara." "I don't think it is a bad thing. I must caution you that you always remember what you did have as a human. You should remember that you are a trainer first, pokémon second." "I understand." "Master, I mean no disrespect, I only wish to advise you since I have known you for so long." "I always appreciate your advice Hocus. You have been a great companion and friend, while I was human and now as a pikachu." "I am glad you think so highly of me. Perhaps after our vacation here, we should go to Cinnabar Island to get another badge. That will help you hold on to your human side. Also, we are all prepared to battle other trainers if you wish. Those activities will keep you in balance." "You never fail to help me Hocus. My parents made the right choice getting you for me as my first pokémon. Perhaps we'll run into some trainers on out way to Cinnabar Island." "Yes. Well, I sense you have other things to do. I will remain here to meditate." "Thanks for the advice Hocus." Icy left Hocus and went back to the pool where he saw Sara racing against some other water pokémon. She was doing quite well. 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