From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Pipian Talks {Note to Dreadite} Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 8:46 PM First things first, this is for Dreadite, while I didn't get a chance to hunt you, and Mewtwo down, and have a big ole battle, I still hope that our paths will cross sometime. As for my group of people I'm still going to hunt down Mewtwo, and I love the way Pipian is working in Mimic and Icy. Very intellegent. (By the way Pipian Tiki is not a her, you did it again) ________________________________________________________________________ Tiki had just finished talking to Pipian, and John. He decided to excuse himself and take a walk, regardless of the risk of fainting again. He walked out of the Pokemon Center, and started strolling down the streets of Fuschia, he felt like a big puzzle was forming together, the girl and her Magnemite. A psychic Pikachu, a twin pair of intellegent Ditto's and last but certanly not least, Dreadite. Dreadite was worked into this whole scheme of things somehow. Tiki continued to keep strolling along. When all of a sudden he started feeling light headed, he sat down, right before another vison came to him. It started out as Mewtwo holding a leash, attached to the other end of the leash, was Dreadite. Then out of nowhere a razor flew out and broke the leash. Then the razor transformed into a Ditto. Then Dreadite ran away. The Ditto smirked at his triumph. "I can always get another one," Mewtwo exclaimed. Then the Ditto sank away. "I can not be defeated, I am Mewtwo, I am all powerful." That vision ended and was immedeatly followed by another. The girl again, was walking around a port town, it was Vermillion, Tiki could tell. She was concentrating on something. Then Tiki heard a voice. <Magnemite, can you here me>, this voice was different from the ones Tiki usually heard in his visions, it sounded more real. Then the girl got a package with a Pokeball in it. The Pokeball contained a Drowzee. The Drowzee talked to her about helping her train with her Psychic Powers. Then the girl said something, to the Drowzee 'Hello my name is Jamie," the vision ended. But yet another vision appeared. It was of a Pikachu it just stood there and then started glowing and dissapered. Then Mew appeared, Then Mew started glowing and split into two, one shape formed a Mew and the other Mewtwo. Then they dissaperead, and a Ditto appeared, it to split into two and became to Dittos. Next out of everyone came, Dreadite, he split into two as well, but one of the two had dark evil red eyes. And finally came Tiki, Tiki split into two and the end result was him and the girl named Jamie. The visions ended and Tiki woke up. "WOW BOY!!!!" Tiki exclaimed he raced back to the Pokecenter. And busted in to find his three companions on the floor playing cards. "Dreadite's free!!!" "What?" they all said. Tiki then proceded to tell all of his visions to them in exact detail. "So does that mean we aren't hunting Mewtwo anymore?" Orion asked. "No it means were not hunting Dreadite, and least not the blue eyed one, we're still after Mewtwo and we still need help." Tiki retorted. TBC (Oh yeah that PW felt good) ________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL ME: "Children come suck on my black salty balls." Chef from South Park (Refering to Candy) Ghaleon (Magic Emperor) from Lunar:SSSC- "Now I will be king of the world but who will be my Queen?!?!?!" (Don't look at me I'm not that kind of guy!!!!!) Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.