From: Dreadite <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Questionable Behavior Date: Wednesday, June 02, 1999 5:37 AM In article <>, says... > Roberto Perez-Vila wrote: > > "Why have you brought me here?" > > > > A low rumble emits from Minax's stomach, "I'm hungry and I want a hearty > > breakfast." Minax stays quiet while she searches for the right restaurant. This > > silence irritates Doppler, who stays nestled in the Pokeball on her belt. After ten > > minutes, Minax speaks up again, "Hmm, the Celadon Mansion. I believe there's a > > restaurant in here." Doppler hears a sliding door swish Minax into the Mansion, and > > after some wandering, she sits down at a table in a restaurant. <Snip!> > "There's something else you should know. Dreadite has been posessed by > Mewtwo. Ask your bosses if you want to confirm it. I bring this up now > because I just felt his power directly above us. I doubt this will > concern us immediately, but just so you know why there will soon be > firefighters outside." Embers fell down from the building, scattering on the ground below as Dreadite landed in front of the mansion. He watched the people look up in shock, surprise, or just plain curiosity at the fire on top of the building. Dreadite folded his wings behind of him as he walked into the building, ignoring the crowd that was quickly gathering outside. "I'm sorry, it appears we're having a little problem." The owner of the mansion walked into the restaurant. "Just don't panic, everything is fine. However, the rooftop dining will be closed for an indefinite period of time. Have a nice day!" The owner walked back into the off-limits areas of the restaurant, as the murmurs from the crowd rose up behind him. Brief mentions of Team Rocket were heard as the crowd pondered what the fuss was about. Minax looked up. "Dreadite, eh? I wonder what he's up to now." "Who knows what Mewtwo has planned," Doppler said from the Pokéball. "But it's not a problem right now." Doppler's voice quieted as he sensed Dreadite enter the room. Minax looked at the approaching figure cautiously for a second, and then sat back and waited. <Scene Switch> Giovanni looked at the reports that were coming in with a disgusted interest. He paused at the reports of a disturbance in the Celadon area, and picked up the phone. He dialed the game corner, and waited for an answer. He got one. "Gaming Corner, how can I help you?" "Spare me your drivel. Dreadite is in Celadon. I want him watched closely, understand? Report to my offices every half an hour." Giovanni voice made the operator on the other end shiver. "Yes sir." Giovanni hung the phone up as soon as he heard that. He snapped a pencil, and sat back, petting his Persian. <Scene Switch.> Minax watched Dreadite casually, waiting for him to either leave, or sit down. Doppler was quiet, thinking. Dreadite looked over, and walked up to Minax's table, and sat down. He flicked the Pokéball containing Doppler across the table, and smirked. "Hello Minax." TBC? (I suppose so, ne? =P) Dreadite ----- "The end comes.. beyond chaos." --Kefka "Why do people rebuild things they know are going to be destroyed? Why do people cling to life when they know they can't live forever? Think how meaningless each of your lives is!" --Kefka