From: Otaku67 <> Subject: [PW!] Regal bird Date: Saturday, June 12, 1999 7:39 PM Transmorph and co. landed on Seafoam island, and headed into the caves. "Geez, its wet in here." Growlithe said, shaking his paws dry after stepping in a puddle. Transmorph changed into a Charizard, and took off. "I'll be back in a few minutes. Gonna see an old friend." Growlithe and Scyther sighed, and sat down. "So...Growlithe. Got the pokeweed?" He nodded. They had gotten use to this. Transmorph would go off on adventures, and Growlithe and Scyther got to stay behind and smell the weed. A few minutes later, an Articuno and a Charizard were flying back. Scyther looked up, giggiling. "Hey man, guess whos back." Growlithe had given up hope of standing, and was content lying down, despite the water. But when he saw Transmorph return with his "friend", he stood straight up and shook off the pokeweeds effects. A quick jab to the gut brought Scyther out of it. "What was that for?" Then he noticed the Articuno, and bowed. "We are honered by your presence o great one." Growlithe did the same, while Transmorph, now in his original form, stood there, unable to bow. It was a widly known fact amongst wild pokemon that the legendery birds were considered royalty. "So, how do you know 'morph, Articuno?" She giggled at this. "We used to date." Growlithe and Scyther looked at each other, sweatdroping. It was Transmorphs turn to laugh now, at his friends expressions. "So, Transmorph, what brings you here? Have you overcome your distrust of humankind?" "Not..quite. You see, I've come to ask if you would like to join us on our journey around the world." Articuno sighed and looked up, as if wishing for something. "I would love to. But my place is in this cavern. I must guard the island against invaders, be they human or pokemon. "I understand. Good luck guarding this place, Articuno." "And to you, young Ditto." The three of them said goodbye to the regal bird, and steped outside. "Where are we heading now, oh fearless leader?" Scyther asked, scratching his back. "Saffron city. Home of my mother." TBC POKEMON FAN CODE V1.0 A---- M---- B-- P+++ T- Je+++ Ja+++ Me++++ Oj- Nj- Po---- G+ Go---- "Vulpix"+++ "Duplica"+ "Sabrina" ++++ "Bye Bye Butterfree" ++++ "The Kangaskhan Kid"---- [PW!] Nyassu no Uta(Meowth's Song) Sm-Male 15/NY AGNP+++