From: <> Subject: [PW!][TH]Ripped off(don't laugh) Date: Saturday, June 12, 1999 9:52 AM "What's taking Zephyr so long?" asked SB. He noticed that Scy was already flying out the door. He took off after him. "Where are we going?" asked SB. "Zephyr hasss Athena, ssso he can track usss down. I am going to a ssssmall lake that my pokedex told me about" replied Scy. "Fine" replied SB. They made it to the small lake fairly quick. There were hundreds of Shellders on the shoreline. Scy looked for the weakest one, and threw a pokeball. It broke free. Scy kicked it and tried again, this time he put his foot on it. It worked. Scy called out his new Shellder. "Der" said Shellder, inside of his shell. "Psy ye ye" replied something else in the shell. The shell opened up, and a Psyduck came flying into Scy's face. "Duck!" it smiled. "I JUST CAPTURED A SSSSSYDUCK?" yelled Scy. He realized that was his last pokeball, and he was out of money. SB began to laugh. "Well, I heard Misssty has a Psyduck, and she winsss battlesss with hersss" said Scy. "Psyduck, an Aquatic Pokemon. When it's headache escalates he becomes super powerful. It knows: Surf, Confusion , Dig, and Psybeam" said Scy's pokedex. "SSSee? I'll make its headache worse" said Scy. He began to hit its head with the flat side of his arm. "Go battle with that person over there" said SB. Scy walked up to him, and asked for a 1 on 1 battle. The man accepted, and called out a Paras. "Psyduck, use your Psybeam!" said Scy It hit the Paras, injuring it. "Strike back with a spore!" said the man. "Dig" said Scy. Psyduck began to dig down. The spore missed, and Psyduck came up from under the Paras. It was hurt even more. "Finish it with a Confusion!" said Scy. It worked, and Paras fainted. "You win, heres some money" said the man. "I guess I should name you. How about Clue?" asked Scy. Clue nodded. "Well, we better get back to Celadon city, right?" asked Scy. "Yeah" replied SB. Tauras24! E-mail: Aim: Tauras24 ICQ: 34504139(Tauras) Evil prepare for devastation. We will break down your corrupted nation, A ray of hope in chaos, Team Hurricane blast off with the power of wind, Surrender now because you will never win..--Team Hurricane Motto "Call me Machette arms"-me "It slices, It dices, its Scyther"-Zephyr #_#/*_*/!_!/&_&/^-^ /@_@/ %_%/O.o/0.o/0.O/#_@(black eye)/~.~/~_~/Stare into my collection of faces. ! ! ! ! ! ! Follow to the footsteps to the collection of faces. "Six legged creatures from planet earth, We love to laugh and are full of mirth, To love all Caterpie and help them all, To release the Butterfree in the fall, Clan Caterpie crawl oh so slow, Surrender now or look down low" - Clan Caterpie Motto Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.