From: PikaMew <> Subject: [PW] [NC] Rocket's End Date: Wednesday, June 16, 1999 4:15 PM When Car'tos busted through the window, he had put his arms in front of him. This not only saved him from cuts, but there was an ATR standing in front of the window. As Car'tos went through, his hand grabbed ahold the ATR's head. At that speed, the ATR didn't know what happened as he flew across the room; slamming face first into the wall. Car'tos smiled as he stood up, and looked at the lifeless body slowly slide down. He looked around, and fell as there seemed to be an Earthquake caused by the Bomber hitting the main complex. He picked himself up, dusted off, and saw as a group of ATR run past the door. He slowly stepped out, and looked around. The light from the nearby window in the hallway was alive with dust particles as the building shook a second time. The Rockets fought bravely, even if they were grossly outnumbered. Shots rang throughout the ATR base, as the Rockets began to gather inside. Car'tos ran down the hall, and almost slipped on the newly waxed floor, when he saw something blue floating on a petalstool (Sp?) with red laser beams crisscrossing it. His eyes lit up as he realized what it was. His toe. He stormed in the room, knocking down bookshelves and lab equipment. Two troops were busy shooting out the window to notice the alien walk in, break the glass, set off the alarm, and put his toe back into place. Car'tos smiled wildly as he took out his gun. He slowly walked up to one of the firing ATRs, and shot him in the back. The other quickly turned his head, only to be nabbed by Car'tos and have his skull crushed under his four fingers. Car'tos waved out the window to signal that the troops were dead. The Rockets outside stopped firing, and quickly ran to the door downstairs. Car'tos walked back to the hallway, and ran up to the lift. He pressed the button, and waited as the door opened. He stepped inside, and pressed 4. The door slid closed, and corny music started to play. Car'tos sighed as the elevator went up. Back outside, Nori was still on her Porygon. Black Hole was under the Pokemon as he sprayed the fire across the battlefield. Team Rocket troops watched in awe as the ATRs caught fire, and ran around yelling. James ran up to the door, and kicked it in. The other Rockets poured inside, as Nori got off Porygon. "[...]" Sighed Porygon. "What do you mean you don't want to go inside?" "[...]" "Don't take that tone with me!" Porygon was about to reply, when an ATR in a black uniform rushed out the door sporting a weapon that looked like Rocket Launcher. He aimed it at Nori, and fired. Little shock waves formed at the tip of the barrel, as a bright, white beam shot out. BH saw this, and turned his flames on him, yelling like Xena. "NOOOOOO!" Yelled James, pushing Nori out of the beam's path. James stood there, with his arms out stretched. The Beam went right through him. From his right hip, all the way up to his left shoulder. He sighed, as he thought nothing happened. "Heh... it didn't work! It didn't WORK!!" But he stopped, and blood ran down his mouth. Little red spots appeared where he'd been shot. The spots turned to blotch as he fell to his knees. "James!" Yelled Jessie, running up to him. But it was too late. The beam that had been fired on him was super- hot. So there wasn't a hole in his body, but his innards had been burned. Jessie started to cry as she held James' body in her arms, and rocketed him back and forth. Jessie got up, took her aim at the burning ATR, and shot him in the leg. The ATR's leg was shot completely off. He fell to the ground, rolling around trying to put the fire out. He saw Jessie's face, and tryed to get back up. "Let him burn..." She said darkly, as she made her way inside. The other Rockets nodded, and walked passed the burning soldier. BH came up, and kept using his flame-thrower on him. Nori smacked him behind the head. "He's not going to burn anymore Black Hole! So stop it!" Said Nori, still upset about what just happened. Black Hole looked down, and stopped. He looked around, and saw that all the other Rockets had gone inside. Nori walked back to James. "Thank you... James..." She quickly turned around, and ran inside. <Scene Switch> Car'tos tapped his fingers on the wall as he waited for his floor to come up. He had heard that damn music about five times already, and was getting quite sick of it. "How fast does this thing go! I just wanted to go to the floor above me!" He was about to press the 4 again, when we realized he didn't depress the "Manuel Stop" button. He put his hand over his face, and pressed it. Car'tos had just about enough of the 'music' he was hearing, and shot the speaker on the left wall. "That should do it..." He said to the air. The door slid open, and Car'tos stepped out. As he looked to his left, he saw two ATRs run down the hall, and into the Commander Center. When they got in, the heavy doors came down. Car'tos smiled again, and started to run for it. He went a good four feet before he tripped over something. He fell face first into the shiny floor, one of Pokeballs fell off, and rolled across the floor. He reached for it with his right arm, but fell short. The ball rolled along the floor until it hit the wall; releasing the Pokémon inside. With a flash of yellow light, Nidorino came out. Car'tos looked back at what had tripped him, and saw a dark stone. "Moon Stone...." He got up, and called his Nido over. He picked up the stone, and looked at it. "Yup.. Moon Stone.. Nidorino, catch!" The Nido looked at his master, and ran toward him. Car'tos leaped up, and threw the Stone at the Poison Poke. He got it right in his mouth. The Nido began to glow as it started to evolve. From the other room, the ATRs heard the stomp of massive feet running against the marble floor. There was a man sitting in the chair, and the two ATRs looked at him. He nodded, and the ATRs run to the opposite sides of the door. Just as they got there, the NidoKing broke down the door with one mighty rush of his horn. The door flew to the other side of the 30-foot room, crashing through a few computers and finally flying out the window. The NidoKing was zapped back, and the man in the chair stood up. There was still dust floating around in the doorway, when Car'tos' silhouette shot through. "He's back..." He told his troops. Car'tos took a step forward, and just stood there. The ATR on Car'tos' left ran over to the man, and aimed his gun at Rocket. The other just stood there, not sure what to do. Car'tos slowly walked forward with his head down, but still looking at ATRs in front of him. The man in the suit took a step back as the ATR beside him opened fire with his handgun. the bullets ricocheted off Car'tos' black battle armor, and into the wall. Car'tos walked a little faster as he put his right hand on the face of the ATR he was about to pass. Green steam started to jet out from the ATR's face. There was a muffled screamed, and Car'tos let go. The ATR fell to the ground, clutching his face as it was burned off by Car'tos' Green Fire. The other soldier started firing again, this time, he got Car'tos in the right arm. He twitched from the blast, and just kept walking as blue blood slowly leaked down. Car'tos took one swipe at the ATR's head, and took half his face off. The ATR fell back as Car'tos eyes began to glow. He just stood there, rised his head, and faced his old nemesis... Simon. ---------------------------------------- "From the Skys to the Ground, Car'tos takes your Pokémon, and makes them Ours" "Damn them all to hell," began Christof, regular of AGNP. "C*per and friends can harass their moms or some f***** up s*** like that. I don't know what the hell their problem is anyway. Can't get any IRL or something?" - Christof "I feel sorry for you Simon! Getting shot twice in a few months!" -James "I got Car'tos's Leg!" Simon chants. Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.