From: PikaMew <> Subject: Re: [PW] [NC] Rocket's End Date: Friday, June 18, 1999 1:35 PM >The creature smiled, walking away from the circle. "All in all, I >would say you've served us *very* well." Its smile only widened, as it >turned to address its comrades. > > "Kill them." > The sound of gunfire had died down a bit, with a few shots here and there. There was still quite a bit of dog fighting by the fighters. Car'tos and Simon just stood there; eyeing each other. For about a minute, they did nothing. Then Car'tos did the first move... "Simon... you look well..." Said Car'tos dryly. "Don't flatter yourself freak." countered Simon bluntly. "Heh.. haven't changed at all have you?" "Its been a while Car'tos... But this time, one of us ain't gonna come outta here alive." He said smiling. Car'tos took his eyes off him to look at the three F-15s fly by the broken window behind him. They were being fired upon by two F-18s. As they flew by, Car'tos looked back at Simon; only to be hit in the head by his fist. Car'tos' head rocked back, and he smiled. "Heh.. So yer gonna fight dirty eh..." Car'tos said starting to face him. He waited for an answer. When none came, he grabbed Simon by the collar with his right wing tip. As Car'tos struggled to lift him up, Simon did a quick kick to Car'tos' head. (OOC: If anyone reading this has Duel of the Fates, now would be a good time ta play it!!) Car'tos got up, and looked at the visor inside his mask. "You.. You cracked it!!" Car'tos arms began to shake, as he ran toward Simon; his wings fully out. Simon started running to Car'tos as well. When they came near, Simon ducked under Car'tos' left punch; only to be hit in the gut by his right knee. As Simon was falling down, he grabbed Car'tos by the neck and Stunnered him as he fell. Car'tos' jaw landed on his shoulder, and he fell back. He landed on his back, knocking the wind out of him as his ShotGun fell off. Both men were now on the floor trying to get their breath back. The room shook as one if the Fighters from before was shot down, and crashed into the building. One side of the roof came down, right in the middle of the two. Both men staggered to their feet, and jumped over the four-foot tall brown, metal plate. They did this, not knowing that the other was doing the same. As they went over, they hit. Wild punches and kicks insued as they fought for their lives while trying to stay on the 3-foot thick metal. Simon punched Car'tos in the chest, denting his armor. Car'tos hammered him in the stomach with such force, that Simon fell over and landed on the ground. Car'tos was about to jump after him, but he slipped, and landed on the floor with his knees. Car'tos felt a cold sensation on his left leg, and he remembered his last deadly fight with Simon; That ended with his leg being shot off. Simon smiled as he looked up to face Car'tos. As if everything in the world stopped, and everyone turned their head to see what was going to happen; a clicking sound was heard as Simon pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. "Heh heh haha Fwahahaha! I wasted the last shell on the elevator!" The smile on Simon's face vanished, as he felt the hard hit of a backhand on has mouth. He got thrown back, and the left side of his face landed hard on the cold tile floor. Car'tos got up, looked at his bleeding right arm, and walked up to Simon. Car'tos looked down at the bleeding Human, and picked him up by the collar again, this time with his right arm. He lifted Simon's chin with his left hand. "Simon... Its too bad you were on the wrong side for so long. But now, you have to die." Car'tos smiled as he slammed the back of Simon's head on the wall. His body slowly slid down as a streak of blood was left behind. Car'tos watched as he collapsed to the ground. "Hm! Too bad... we could've made a great team.." He turned around, picked up his gun, and walked out of the room. Back with Nori's group, the creatures had surrounded them. They got their jagged daggers out, and began to slowly stab the handful of Rockets. One of the more braver Rockets threw his handgun at one of their heads. The creature couldn't move out the way fast enough, and got hit. As he fell to the ground, his hood came off. Everyone saw what he looked liked. A MewTwo with wrinkled skin. The Human's eyes lit up in surprise. "MewTwo..." Said Nori quietly to herself. The other creatures ran to cover-up their fallen friend, as a small group of ATRs ran into the hallway. Without hesitation, they opened fire on both groups. The creatures ran with daggers in hand to attack the new arrivals. The Rocket Gang took this opportunity of distraction to search the bodies of the dead ATRs for clips. They reloaded their weapons, and began firing on both groups. "Guuuuuruuuguuuuu!" Everyone froze as a Dragonite with a Wartorture on it's head burst through a wall on the far side of the attacking ATRs. "Hey Nori! Didya miss me!?" Rubix yelled across the room. He got off, and used Water Gun on everybody, including Nori. Everyone fell to the ground soaking wet. BH had enough of both groups, and turned his flame- thrower on. "Set for kill!" yelled someone as a Scyther came flying out of the elevator. "Hyper Beam, Now!" The Mantis like Pokémon drew back his head, and fired an energy Beam at two of the ATRs. One of them tryed to shot a creature behind Black Hole, only to miss, and shoot BH's tank. The gas tank exploded, and set BH on fire. The two creatures and a few ATR were set on fire aswell. Nori saw Black Hole, and was about to do something, when she felt a strong pain in her stomach. She tasted blood in her mouth, as she fell back. "NORI!!!!" Yelled Car'tos, running to catch his friend. He zapped Zorak back while he ran. When he got to her, he saw blood on her shirt. "Ack.. Whats.. Going on..." "Shhh.. Save your strength, you been shot. Don't worry..." Car'tos turned his head, and saw the ATR that shot her. He got up, and his eyes glowed yellow. Car'tos marched over to the now scared ATR, as his eyes changed to a blood red. Car'tos emended a low grumble from his throat, as he walked up to Human. Car'tos looked down at him with his angry eye, and started slashing him. He used all of him limbs on the Human. His hands, feet, and even his Wingtips were used to punch. When Car'tos knew he was dead, he stopped, and walked back to his fallen friend. The ATR was nothing more then a red stain on the wall when Car'tos was done with him. Black Hole was still running around burning faster then a Christmas tree, when Car'tos picked up Nori. "Rubix... put him out." "Why should i?" "If you don't, then ill do the same thing to you." "Ahhh, um... ok!" The Water type use Bubble Beam on the fire freak, and put the fire out. Car'tos slowly walked down the hall, as BH was catching up. "Warning... T minus 30 seconds until Core Shut Down." Both Rockets looked at each other, and ran down the hall. Rubix was still looking at the slaughtered ATR, when he noticed the Rockets run. "Hey! Wait up!!" Red lights started to flash in the Core room, as Simon took the Reactor Key out. "Heh... You can't kill me Car'tos... you can't!" He slowly walked toward a big red button, and waited for the red lights to stop flashing. "He can't.. but i will." Came a female voice. Simon turned around, and vaguely saw the face of Jessie. "No!" He turned around to push the button, when he felt a warm pain in his back. "Agh..." He puffed. Jessie put her smoking gun down, and walked toward the leader of ATR. "You took Everything away from me! EVERYTHING!" Simon started breathing faster, as the female Rocket approached him. "And now, im going to take your life away..." She said taking aim at his bag free head."Heh... not before i take you with me..." He said with his last breathe as his hand fell on the red switch. "I'll be with you shortly James..." she said almost happy. The last thought she had was that of James' face, before the entire Reactor blew. Some how, Jessie felt James smile in the back of her mind as she was killed by the explosion. ********** "Car'tos... im scared!" "Don't worry," He said looking down while carrying her, "Its going to be alright.. Just hang in there!" The whole Island shook as the main Reactor blew apart. "Main Reactor breached, Nuclear Explosion emanate. Have a nice day." "Age!!" Said Black Hole and Car'tos at the same time. They ran to a window, and were about to jump when they saw lightning hit the water. Like a Pikachu thrown into a blender, a ChoronoShift appeared. "Thats our ticket outta here!" Exclaimed BH. "Right. BH, do the honors." He nodded, backed up, and ran through the window, landed face first on the sand. Car'tos jumped on the windowsill, and floated down. Car'tos walked down the beach, as BH pulled his head out from the sand. "Um, we better hurry." "Why?" Car'tos looked back, and saw a Mushroom cloud, "Um.. ok. Thats a good reason!" Bh went inside the Shift first, and Car'tos prayed to the Great Maker that Nori would heal up. Car'tos took one last look, and stepped inside. Back inside the complex, MewTwo walked in and surveyed the death. "Are the Rockets dead?" He asked the creaures. "Yes lord, the Rockets have all been killed. Even Simon." "Heh... then the Earth is ours!" As if the Shift knew the world was coming to an end, it closed up as the shock wave passed over the beach. From space, it looked like a meteor hit the Earth as it split in half. With some minor explosions here and there, then the Earth just gave up, and destroyed itself. <Switch!!> Car'tos stood as soon as he came out of the Shift. Realizing where they had landed, Car'tos gasped. The red sky and golden clouds told him where he was. "Tie'nek..." He turned his head, and saw how Nori was..... TBC!!! ---------------------------------------- "From the Skys to the Ground, Car'tos takes your Pokémon, and makes them Ours" "Damn them all to hell," began Christof, regular of AGNP. "C*per and friends can harass their moms or some f***** up s*** like that. I don't know what the hell their problem is anyway. Can't get any IRL or something?" -Christof "I feel sorry for you Simon! Getting shot twice in a few months!" -James "I got Car'tos's Leg!" Simon chants. Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.