From: Agent 0007 <> Subject: [PW!] Rocket Opposes Date: Saturday, June 05, 1999 5:14 AM Dead. His cell phone was dead. "Oh great," Andrew laughed to himself, "The psychic power Sage used on me must have killed it." Andrew though Koji could repair it later. He, followed by Draco, walked to his car while Frisky stayed home on guard duty. He checked with Koji, who had found out they were planning attack and capturing all the Rapidashes. He gave Koji the phone that he was more then happy to fix. Andrew drove, and fast. Soon enough Andrew and Draco reached the place. Well, the place was a battlefield. Andrew saw Chaotic's friend and a big team of people. "Looks like I was a little late, eh?" Andrew said to Insanellama. "Yep. We're going to raid a Team Rocket keep that is a little bit south of here. We're trying to find Chaotic!" Insanellama was ready to go and so was his other friends. "Chaotic? I was too late.." Andrew said and ran to his car. "He's not always like this, but I know the no-good gun freak was gonna get him into trouble.." Draco said and followed Andrew quickly. Andrew parked about a half-mile from the TR's hideout. They now went stealthly. He was very gratedful on the disk Koji gave him with a map of the hideout. Andrew was able to break into the venting system and looked for where the prisoners were held. He found a couple TR's and tied and gagged them. He saw a couple more Rockets but mostly avoided them. Andrew continued his way through the hideout followed stealthly by Draco. "Andrew.. there he is." Draco said. Andrew and Draco were amazed that Chaoticllama was just sitting comfortably by himself! "What are you doing Chaotic?" Andrew continued to whisper. Chaotic looked at him, and got up. "Andrew, get out of here now." Chaoticllama said sternly. "Not without you, before you get yourself killed." Andrew said and moved near Chaoticllama. "I'm with Team Rocket now..." Chaoticllama said. He threw his Team Pokémon badge at Andrew. "I knew you were never good!" Draco said. The pokemon alerted some Rockets. "I should have listened to you Draco. Let's get out of here." Andrew opened his PokeDex and pressed a button. Andrew and Draco started running. "I'm..sorry..." Chaoticllama went back to duty. --- TBC ============== Psy yie... we're still looking for recruits for Team Pokémon! -- Team Pokémon-> Agent 0007 ICQ:13178347 AIM: Agent O0O7 Creator of A.G.N.P. and A.B.P.