From: Ncnc123 <> Subject: [PW] Runaway Date: Friday, June 11, 1999 12:36 PM Shock has trained at the Vermilion City Gym for 5 years with his pokemon, Magnemite. He dosen't always follow the rules of the gym, and Lt. Surge dosen't like him much, which might have explained why Lt. Surge was so quick to kick him out of his gym. Shock slammed the door of the Vermillion city gym, fuming. He ran three blocks to his house. Lt. Surge had just kicked Shock out of the gym, and told him not to come back. Lt. Surge had actually told him not to come back! And all because Shock had told him that he didn't know anything about pokemon and that he should speed up his pokemon lessons. And it also didn't help that Shock never followed the rules, but still, how dare he kick Shock out of the gym! He slammed the door to his house. His parents were at work. He was the only one home. He grabbed his knapsack off of the chair, and ran up the stairs to his room. He then started stuffing clothes into his pack. When his pack was just about full, but still had a little room for other stuff he might need, he zipped it up and slung it over his back. He grabbed his Magnemite's poke ball and ran down the steps two at a time to the kitchen. He grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled a note to his parents: got kicked out of the gym. going around for a while with my pokemon. may not be back for a few months, if ever. -Shock Shock taped the note to the frig, and walked out the door. He tried to calm down, and decided where to go. The gym where Shock had been training was one of eight gyms in the pokemon league, so Shock decided to go to the other gyms and battle the gym leaders there. Because he lived in Vermillion city, he knew that the closest gym to his was the psychic gym in Saffron city. The gym leader there was a girl named Sabrina. He headed north out of town, onto route 6. There were several trainers battling their pokemon in the grass, and others were searching for pokemon. Shock decided not to battle anyone yet, until he got to Saffron city. He knew that his Magnemite could beat Sabrina, after 5 years of training at the Vermillion gym. He saw a boy over in a bush, calling out to a pokemon. This was getting boring. Shock liked to have action, he didn't like to sit still for very long. "Hey!" he called to the boy, "I challenge you to a pokemon match!" "Fine," said the boy, "Go Squirtle!" Shock laughed. Everyone knew that electric pokemon were strong against water pokemon, "Go Magnemite! Thundershock, now!" Magnemite gathered electric energy from the surrounding area and sent it all out at Squirtle. The Squirtle flew back and hit the ground hard. "Squirtle, return!" The boy cried, and a beam shot out of the poke ball, and Squirtle returned inside the poke ball. That would do, that would keep Shock occupied for a while. He looked a head and could see Saffron city in the distance. It was getting dark, so Shock decided to spend the night at the side of route 6. He opened his bookbag and took out a blanket and a pillow. he set them up, and layed down. He hadn't gotten far, but he would be up early in the morning and arrive at Saffron city around 8 o'clock in the morning. Shock then settled down and tried to go to sleep.