From: Apokelypse <saybre9205@aol.commonplace> Subject: [PW!] [Savage] Date: Monday, June 28, 1999 6:19 AM Previously, Primeape had been sniffing around(literally) and smelled something that made it run really far away fast. Before Savage could catch it again, an explosion occured! Savage now had to catch Primeape. After using his Poké Ball Launcher, Savage caught Primeape and read the sign on the building they were just about to go in. It was Professor Oak's lab! "Hmm. Maybe I should ask Lapras to see if it can find anything dangerous. Go Lapras!" Savage sent out Lapras, who was sleeping. "Wake up you pathetic excuse for a psychic! Scan this place and tell me if there's anything dangerous in there!" Savage kicked Lapras and woke it up. "Alright, fine! I don't see anything dangerous. Unless you count a Mew as dangerous!" Lapras went back to sleep. "Mew? I've heard of that before! It's mine!" Savage immediately ran around to the door of the lab, leaving Lapras behind. Savage busted through the door and screamed, "Where's it at? That thing is mine!" Savage started searching frantically for the fabled Pokémon that Lapras told him was there. "I don't see any Pokémon! There's nothing but Poké Balls and chemicals here! Lapas lied to me! When I get my hands around it's dirty little neck, I'll..." Someone interrupted Savage. "Excuse me young man, but my lab is closed right now! Please leave or I'll call security!" Professor Oak appeared! "Oh! I'm sorry! My stupid Lapras told me there was a Mew here, but I guess it lied to me!" Savage said. "Lapras? Where is it? May I borrow Lapras to study? I haven't seen a Lapras in years!" Oak yelled out. "I'll let you, but on one condition." An evil smiled rolled across Savage's face. "What?" "You have to tell me how to evolve my Eevee into a Jolteon!" "Is that all? I thought you were wanting me to give you some Master Balls! In that case, of course!" Savage's smile quickly turned into a disappointed frown. "Alright, but you have to evolve my Eevee first!" "That's no problem! How about I just give you one of each stone that evolves it? That will take up less of my time, and you'll have three choices for an evolution!" "Sure!" Oak handed Savage a Moon stone, a Leaf Stone, and an ordinary rock! "Thanks man! Lapras is around the corner of this lab sleeping outside!" Savage didn't realise that his stones had no effect on Eevee! "I guess losing Lapras for awhile is worth getting an evolved Eevee for! That thing never obeyed anyways! Now I just need to figure out what to turn Eevee into! Hmm..." TBC LATER