From: <> Subject: [PW] Seafoam Escapades Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 1:57 PM (Okay here's whats happening, John's last post about needing a moonstone for the Nidorino never happened, that will fix everything, we are surfing (or flying) towards the Seafoam Islands once we get threw there we will continue to Cinnibar, this post is about what happens in the Seafoam islands) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The gang went along fairly quickly with Jamie and Orion using the Starmie's as moving surfbors, and Pipian sitting on top of Wartortle, Tiki was flying along on Bullseye. While John got soaking wet due to being on a Vaporeon (which you can't stand on). After some time of surfing along and talking getting to know each other better. The gang saw Seafoam Islands up ahead, now they couldn't go around them because of rocks that for some reason made a path staright towards the islands so they had no choice they had to go into the islands. They reached the islands and everyone recalled their pokemon, and Johnchanged into dry clothes (behind a large rock). Then they decided to desend into the caves. Even though it was wet in their they needed light so Tiki called out Sinder to light the way. Sinder was very unhappy about being in a cave filled with water. "Char Char ard, IZARD?!?!?! (Haven't you people ever heard of flashlights)" "Oh Sinder be quite you love being so important." Tiki replied knowing his Pokemon loved being the center of attention. After walking threw the caves for awhile they decided to stop for a little. Something caught Jamie's attention some movement out of the corner of her eye. She looked over and saw a Seel meandering over towards the water. "Alright I need a water type, Magnemite go!" Jamie threw the pokeball, to the ground and the electric pokemon appeared. The Seel realizing what was happening sat up ready to battle "Magnemite Double Team," The Magnemite sent out holographic projections of itself. The little Seel was confused, so it attacked with a water gun at one of the Magnemites. It was the wrong one and the Water went right into the now dry John. "Son of a." John said. "Magnemite Thunder Wave it," The Magnemite sent out waves of electricity that smacked into the Seel, paralyzing it. "SEEL SEEL SEEL!!!!" "What did he say?" Jamie asked ready to throw the Pokeball, but before she could 20 or so Dewgong appeared. "UH OH,.,.,. RUNNNNNNNN!!!!!" Tiki yelled turning and running, everyone followed suit and then the Dewgong followed. TBC... (Okay someone else follow up) ________________________________________________________________________ Dont have time to write my quotes. Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.