From: Ncnc123 <> Subject: [PW] Shock arrives at Saffron City Date: Friday, June 11, 1999 7:05 PM Shock couldn't sleep. He was lying down on the side of the road, trying to get some sleep so that he could make it to Saffron Tomorrow. Because he couldn't sleep anyway, Shock decided to continue on to Saffron City. He could see the tall buildings in the distance, and every few minutes, the buildings larger and larger until he was finally in Saffron City. Shock wandered around the city for a while. There wasn't much to do until morning, so Shock decided to head to the pokemart. He walked past a long row of many businesses. A hair salon, a pokemon breeding center, and finally, the pokemart. "Go, Magnemite!" Shock cried out suddenly. He threw Magnemite's pokeball and Magnemite popped out. The pokeball bounced back into Shock's arms. Shock had Magnemite use his sonicboom attack to blow a hole in the window of the pokemart. Shock knew that this would send a silent alarm back to the police station. He had to hurry. Shock climbed into the broken window and started looking around the dark store. He saw some pokeballs on a shelf, and figured he could always use a few more, so he grabbed three and stuffed them into his backpack. He also looked around for some potions, so that if Magnemite was ever hurt, Shock could heal him right on the spot. Shock finally spotted some potions behind the counter. The police sirens were beginning to sound in the distance. Shock knew he had to get out of there. He grabbed a lighter and some cigarettes on his way out of the store. Now Shock could see the flashing lights of a policeman coming his way. He ducked out of the store and ran around behind the buildings. After about half an hour of running, Shock decided that he must have lost the police, if they had ever seen him. Shock took out a cigarette and lit it with his lighter. That was exciting. He took a deep puff from the cigarette. ----------------------------------------- Three hours later, Shock headed towards the Saffron City Gym. He was going to battle Sabrina. Sabrina trained psychic pokemon, but after training for five years with Lt. Surge, Shock knew he could beat Sabrina. When Shock got to the Saffron Gym, it was still dark and locked up. He took out another cigarette and lit it, and started waiting for Sabrina. She arrived a few minutes later. "Hello," She said, "Do you wish to battle me for a marsh badge?" "Yes," Shock said, slowly reaching for his pokeball, "I do." "I will be a few more minutes," She said, "Wait here." A few minutes later, the doors of the gym slowly opened, even though no one was around to open them. Shock entered the gym. He walked down a long, drab hallway that opened into a much larger room. This was the place where Shock would battle Sabrina for a Marsh badge. Sabrina was sitting on a chair across the room from Shock. "I know you wish to battle with me, Shock," She said, surprising Shock that she knew his name. "How did you know my name?" Shock asked her, gripping his pokeball tighter in his hand with excitement. "I have psychic visions, Shock," Sabrina said to him, "I know a lot about you." "Yeah?" sneered Shock, "Like what?" "I know that you robbed the local pokemart last night," Sabrina said, "I also know that you ran away from your home in Vermilion City after being kicked out of Lt. Surge's Gym." "All right, so you know a lot about me," Shock said, "So what?" "I know how you like things, how should I say, interesting." Sabrina said, with excitement in her eyes. "So I propose a bet." "Fine," said Shock, "You're on!" "Wait until you have heard the bet," Sabrina said to him. "Okay, what's the bet?" Shock asked her. "If you win, you get the Marsh badge," Sabrina said, "If I win, you turn yourself in to the police for robbing the pokemart." "Agreed," said Shock, "but I won't lose." "We will use one pokemon each," Sabrina said, "I choose you, Venomoth!" "Go, Magnemite!" Shock cried. "Venomoth, leech life, now!" Sabrina cried. A beam shot from Venomoth towards Magnemite. "Magnemite, supersonic, now!" Shock cried. Magnemite let out a screeching noise that seemed to have a large affect on Venomoth, but had no effect to Shock or Sabrina. Venomoth then started to attack itself. "Venomoth, return!" Sabrina cried, "You have beaten me Shock. I present to you the marsh badge. I must tell you though, that I couldn't afford to let you turn yourself into the police. Even though we made a bet, I couldn't let you lose this bet. Your destiny is too important. That is all I can tell you. Good luck." Sabrina threw something down onto the floor. Smoke billowed all around her. When the smoke cleared, she was gone. Sabrina had said that his destiny was too important not to let him win their bet. Shock wondered what she meant by that. Shock walked out of the gym with Magnemite floating along behind him. He decided that he couldn't worry about what Sabrina said. "Good job, Magnemite," Shock said, taking it in his arms and petting it the best that a metal pokemon could be petted. "Mag-ne-mite" Magnemite said.