From: Goola the Hutt <goola2u@aol.compostheap> Subject: [PW!] Silly Putty Vs. the Killer Cereal! Date: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 7:36 AM (This is NOT NC! It's just bizzarre.) Silly Putty looked at the behemoth before him, a monster fortified with seven essential vitamins and minerals. "Stays crunchy in milk my...," he mutttered under his breath. "That milk must have gone REALLY bad!" "Goohala!" shouted the cereal, launching a barage of spoons at Silly. Silly, turning to human form, grabbed one to use as a weapon and dodged the rest. "Stupid move, Mr. Loops," laughed Silly at the cereal. "Blaggash!" snarled the killer cereal, launching a storm of sugar at SIlly. Silly lept blindly through the sweetened storm, at the choclate-flavored foe. He missed, however, by quite a bit, and fell on his face. The monstrous breakfast took this chance to try and drown Silly in milk! Being a shapeshifter, however, made this feat an improbability. Eventually, the thing tired itself out. Silly took this opportunity to stab his spoon through where its heart would have been. The beast roared in pain, and collapsed into a sea of cereal and milk. "Next time," said Silly ruefully, "I'm having Pop-Tarts." TBC? Shard Fields, who had to be this weird. Really.