From: Tiger1129 <tiger1129@aol.comSaint> Subject: [PW!] South of Pewter Date: Friday, June 18, 1999 8:01 PM After defeating Brock for a Boulder Bagdge, Jake and Clarissa are ready for the journey ahead of them, the journey to that fateful battle in Cerulean, which Clarissa has been preparing herself for all her career. But first..... "Jake didn't you already have a Caterpie?" Clarissa asked as they trudged through a field south of Pewter. "Yes I did, and it was... unusual." Clarissa laughed. "Unusual isn't exactly the right word for it, come on the thing evolved into a Kakuna." "Yeah and since I no longer have any idea of it's evoution I had better catch another to be sure of getting a Butterfree. Wait there's one." Jake creeped up behind the worm, and tossed a pokeball to the ground. "Feathers, go!" In a flash of white light Jake's Pidgeotto appeared. "Feathers, use gus.. Hey!" without waiting for orders Feathers began chasing Caterpie, they went down a hill and were out of sight. By the time J & C caught up with them Caterpie was nowhere to be seen. "Feathers, where's the caterpie?" Jake asked "Pidgi otto." The bird said looking particularly pleased with himself. "Feathers, You didn't. Did you?" "Otto." Jake & Clarissa turned green then sweatdropped. " You were supposed to let me catch it." "pidg to." Feathers said, and with what Jake couldv'e sworn was a shrug began preening his feathers. "I guess we better start looking again." Jake said. "Oh no." Clarissa groaned. "Ok look if I don't capture one by sundown today, we'll leave. Deal?" she sighed. "Ok, but if any of your stupid bird pokemon eats the next one I'm going to have my fire dogs roast every one of them. Got it?" Jake stands up stiff and mock salutes her. "Yes Ma'am!" He does a right face and marches of, but stops after getting beaned in the head with a golf ball sized rock. Clarissa casually walks past him. "Don't be so rude, after all it's ladies first." Jake walks after her glaring and rubbing the bump on his head. TBC The Saint