From: Pikachee <> Subject: Shay Poling[PW] Starting a Journey... One to Remember Date: Sunday, June 13, 1999 2:52 PM I woke up at the crack of dawn. Despite the fact I already had 3 Pokemon it was time to start my journey. "Roller come out!" I said and flung the Ice Blue Pokeball into the air of my room. A flash of robin's egg blue appeared and formed the shape of a Pikachu. "Is it time?" Roller asked. "Yeah." I said. "Okay let's go!" Roller said. "We can't go yet I have to check the news for a weather report." I said. "Oh. Alright." Roller said. "And today is going to be sunny and clear." the weather forecaster said. "But beware Pokemon trainers. We have word that Team Rocket is advancing and spreading through cities, towns, and valleys." "Well at least the weather is good." I said. "Yeah." Roller said. "Roller, return!" I said and a line of blue light covered roller and sucked him back into his Pokeball. As I walked outside I heard a sound. "Scyther Scaa!" It said. "Woah! What the......" I said. "Scytha Sca!" A Pokemon voice said. "It's a Scyther!" I said pointing my Pokedex to it. "Scyther- A blade Pokemon. Although very strong the color red gets it angry at whatever is red." My Pokedex said. "Okay then I choose you! Tangle!" I said flinging the Pokeball into the air. A bright blue light flashed out forming my Ekans, Tangle. "Ekaaansssss." Ekans said. "Ekans, acid attack now!" I said. "Ek! Ans!" Ekans said as acid went from it's mouth and stung Scyther. "Scyther!" the Scyther said as he was hit. It fell down to the ground. "Pokeball Go!" I said. The Pokeball wiggled a minute then stopped. Then.... "Prepare for trouble...." "Make it double........."