From: <> Subject: [PW] Stealing from Silph Date: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 7:47 PM The gang waited till Silph closed down and most of the people had gone home. At about 1 in the morning they went to the back door. After a quick analysis Tiki decided this was not going to be easy. He got out his computer and hooked it up to the card key slot. Then he run a program to unlock the door. He sat down, "This will take a few minutes," He said. Everyone else sat down, while Jamie thought of away to get Tiki by himself and take over his mind. After about fifteen minutes Tiki's computer beeped, Tiki got up and looked at it....... "WHAT, IT FAILED, TWO YEARS AGO THERE WASN'T A LOCK IN THE WORLD THIS BABY COULDN'T OPEN!!!!!!" "Well duhhh." Pipian retorted, "Two years actual time is like twenty years computer time, that software is old as can be." Pipian finished. "Oh yeah I forgot." Tiki said, "Well now what do we do?" "I have an idea." TBC( Short I now but I have a friend over so I don't have much time, anyone that's want to can say "I have an idea." Also Jamie email me and we can decide what's going to happen about you trying to ake over my mind.) ________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL ME: ________________________________________________________________________ The following Pw'ers are my idols (strong word I know)- Dreadite Icy M.W.F (because of long sig idea) Roberto (deep shit) (yes it is a compliment just like M.W.F said) ________________________________________________________________________ "Silly rodent, Trix are for kids!"? From Spawn referring to my character Trix. ________________________________________________________________________ "Prepare to feel the might of my luke warm WRATH!!!!!!" ________________________________________________________________________ "It's not prejudice if you make fun of everyone." thought up by me. ________________________________________________________________________ "Is that a lightsaber in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" From Queen Bess-O-Rama ________________________________________________________________________ Ash in general: Ash: And to battle this bird pokemon..... I choose you! Caterpie! Misty: You're a twat. .......... Ash: Yes, of course I'll swap this Butterfree, that I went through hell to raise and evolve, for your lousy, ugly rat. Misty: You're a twat. .......... Ash: I sent in about a million postcards to get that hat! Misty: You really are a twat, aren't you? ________________________________________________________________________ The two best parts (In my opinion) of "50 Semi Useless Pokemon Tips and Facts for the Pokemon Trainer," written by Tstones411. ________________________________________________________________________ 16) There is no #19! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA *coughs and gags* ________________________________________________________________________ 3) It is not a good idea to try and learn Pikachu speak. ________________________________________________________________________ "WHAT we're lost, Ash Ketchum gets lost not us!!!" skye6888 ________________________________________________________________________ "Well I thought I might use my penis as a pogo stick and bounce to Mars." Patch Adams. ________________________________________________________________________ "The pokegods are upset we must appease them!!!!!" ________________________________________________________________________ "chansey, chansey... CHANSEY!!!!!" ________________________________________________________________________ "Children come suck on my salty balls," Chef from South Park (Referring to Candy) ________________________________________________________________________ Ghaleon (Magic Emperor) from Lunar:SSSC- "Now I will be King of the World but who will be my Queen?!?!?!" (Don't look at me I'm not that kind of guy!!!!!) ________________________________________________________________________ "Where there's a Pokemon there's a way!!!" ________________________________________________________________________ Quark, the White Dragon from Lunar:SSSC- "I don't know why you people are so obsessed with those things, don't you know they're made of my shi... oh never mind." Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.