From: Magic T. Dragon <> Subject: Re: [PW!][Tenchi] stop this crazy thing! Date: Monday, June 14, 1999 8:36 AM Otaku67 wrote: <snip> > "Look, mac. We don't have all day. I don't remeber how we got her, or who her > parents are, but i know that i'm thirsty. Got any beer?" > > [thud] > > TBC Natasha's left cheek was twitching, a nervous habit she'd picked up some time ago. That Sandshrew had TALKED. Her cheek twitched again. "N--No beer, but I've got water..." She reached for the nightstand. "I want a beer." [thud] "Erm...they've got beer. Downstairs. But I doubt they'd sell it to a minor and a Pokémon." Natasha was trying to stop the twitch, but that only made it worse. " did you get in here?!" --Natasha V. ACCKKKK! Breakfast!