From: Mbwun <> Subject: [PW!] Taco's Lament Date: Tuesday, June 15, 1999 12:10 AM Taco stood in Giovanni's office, nervously scuffing a tentacle at the ground. Taco had been unsuccessful so far in locating Renee, the runaway Rocket, and Giovanni was not the least bit pleased. Giovanni sat in a huge leather chair, his back towards the Tentacruel. He swiveled around in the chair to face Taco. The sight of a six-foot tall Tentacruel wearing a Rocket jacket still made him want to burst out laughing. To himself, Giovanni thought, /I can't believe I allowed this...this oozy, slimy, disgusting Tentacruel into my legion of Rockets. His heart is wicked, though, and he can be a very effective tool at times./ "You have failed me. I offered you a place among the other Rockets...but if you cannot earn your keep, you will be," Giovanni picked up a letter-opener from his desktop and ran a finger along the blade, "terminated." He quickly drove the opener into the desk, making Taco jump. Taco would have answered with a thousand excuses as to why he had failed yet again, but he had not the ability to speak. Instead, he made an aggravated, watery-sounding gurgle and hung his massive head. Giovanni made a sound of disgust, and Taco flinched. After a moment of silence, he clenched a tentacle into a "fist" and slammed it against the "palm" of another tenetacle. He jerked his head up, and Giovanni saw such a intense look of hatred in the Tentacruel's eyes that he almost lost his cool. An angry tentacruel was nothing to trifle with. Taco made another gurgle, this time a violent, forceful one. He then bowed to Giovanni and oozed out the door. ---- Outside, Taco sat on the steps of the base, pondering what to do next. Out of the tattered, tentacruel-goo covered jacket pocket Taco pulled a photograph. It was a rather old picture of Taco and Renee when Renee had first become a Rocket. The two of them were much younger, and Renee still had the black "newbie" Rocket costume. She may have been a grunt, but she wore that costume with as much gusto as any Rocket could. Taco himself looked cheery standing next to Renee with a tentacle around her shoulder. The two of them were smiling, excited to finally be among the ranks of Team Rocket. Taco sighed, remembering all the fun they had together, terrorizing trainers, stealing pokemon, and wreaking havoc in general. Renee had captured a lot of other monsters, but never kept them because Taco was her favorite. She had kept the Meowth, though, but only after Taco agreed to it. He had a soft spot for that Meowth. Taco had looked after it and coached it on fighting. But Renee started to slip away. She lost the will to fight. She was as worthless as a fainted pokemon. For a while Taco had sympathy, and tried to cheer her up, but nothing worked and every day she became less and less like a Rocket. Then one day they had the perfect chance to steal a load of pokemon. Everything was set up, and just before they attacked, Renee called everything off. She just couldn't bring herself to do it. With Renee no longer a Rocket at heart, Taco lost faith in his trainer. If they were not Rockets...what were they? They could not be normal trainers now...they were too old. Giovanni was disappointed, and they lost rank quickly. This was more than Taco could bear, and a cloud of anger covered him. Now his only need was to kill Renee...the one who had lost him honor, pride, and rank. TBC... (ooc: Taco is a very self-concious monster. He only sees himself through other's eyes. His wounded pride is what drives him, no matter how stupid that sounds. So anyway...) -Mbwun (Yuri, for those who even remember me) visit my FANART GALLERY at Yudan shitara jigoku iki yo jama wa sasenaikara.