From: Bandraptor <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Tacos for Lunch, Blizzards for Dessert! Date: Wednesday, June 30, 1999 6:54 AM >Outside the demolished diner, Taco let go of Blizzard and the two of them ran >to safety. When they stopped, Blizzard glared at Taco and then at the copius >amounts of Tentacruel Goo that was smeared all over her beautiful white fur. > >She opened her mouth to protest, but Taco was busy studying the dainty cakes, >which had escaped the diner unscathed. He picked one up, and nibbled at it, >pointedly ignoring Blizzard. Blizzard shook out her fur, with a look of unparalleled revulsion, as she tried to slough of some of the horrid Tentacruel Goo. Like most cats, she hated water... so a bath in the lake was out of the question. But the thought of cleaning herself the normal way-- by running her tongue through the goop-- well, it was too horrible to even consider. The Persian's mouth opened and closed several times in succession, as if she was trying to express her disgust, but couldn't quite find words vile enough. Finally, she threw up her paws, in a singular gesture of frustration. Taco watched, with laughing eyes, quietly enjoying the other pokémon's discomfort. He finished the dainty cake that he'd been picking at, and straightened his wrinkled white jacket, in a nonchalant manner. Blizzard caught sight of the jellyfish, and upon seeing his arrogant smirk, finally lost her temper. "You... you..." she huffed." "Yeah?" "You are unbelievable! You awful, slimy thing. You destroyed that lovely diner, and injured all those humans! You're a terrible, hateful creature, who's unfit to call himself a Pokémon! Go on, wear your Rocket jacket, and act like a human. Just get out of my sight, you... MONSTER!" Taco took this all in stride, as he normally did, when faced with such accusations. He glared down at the smaller pokémon, unblinking; and let out a slight guffaw, to empathize the fact that he really didn't give a Ratatta's hindquarters. Blizzard continued to snarl at him, her intense rage causing her to hyperventilate. Finally, she saw that she would get no reaction from Taco. Her breathing slowed, and defeated, she fell to the ground, beside him. The two creatures sat in silence, watching the humans that happened down the road in front of them. Taco picked up a second dainty cake, and began to nibble at it. Blizzard shot him an envious look, and let out a sigh. "Thanks to you, I didn't get any lunch." "Hmm." "Or Jigglypuffs." "..." She reached for one of the remaining dainty cakes, but Taco slapped her paw away. Blizzard turned back towards the road, watching the crowd, as the mid-afternoon sun slowly caked the Tentacruel Goo into her fur. TBC... -Beth "Ii kanji!"