From: <> Subject: [PW!][Tauras]Tauras makes a trade, and has a little fight Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 6:41 PM "Wow, look at all of the trainers!" said Jim. "Yeah, I bet we could get some experience for some of our pokemon. I just hope there aren't any Rockets, they ruin everything!" replied Tauras. Jim walked up to one of them. "Hey, would you like to battle, 1 for each?" asked Jim. "Sure, Go Staryu!" said the man. "Go Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf attack!" said Jim. Bulbasaurs leaves bruised, and cut Staryu. "Strike back with swift!" said the man. Staryu fired off stars at Bulbasaur. "Block them with your Vine Whip!" said Jim. A few got through, and hit Bulbasaur. "Finish him with SOLAR BEAM!" said Jim. Bulbasaur brought in sunlight, and began to glow. He opened his mouth, and a huge beam shot out at Staryu. It was smashed into the wall, and fainted. "Good match" said Jim, as he walked away. "Good job, now its my turn!" said Tauras. He asked a man for a battle. "Go Jolt!" said Tauras. "Go Charmeleon!" said the man. "Jolt, Pin missile attack!" said Tauras. Jolts hairs turned into pins, and began to fly at Charmeleon. More pins appeared, and continued attacking. Charmeleon was full of pins. "Charmeleon, give it your scratch attack" said the man. Charmeleons claws broke, upon hitting Jolts sharp hairs. Charmeleon still tried, but only cut his hands. "Finish it off with a Thunderbolt attack!" said Tauras. Jolt began to charge up. His spikes began to glow. They released over 30,000 volts of electricity. Charmeleon was fried, and gave in. "That's a strong charmeleon, but you should of used Flamethrower, or ember" said Tauras. "Yes, now I know" replied the man. After healing their pokemon, Jim and Tauras began to talk to some people, and meet some new pokemon. They also added a lot of pages to their pokedex's. Tauras called out Clydesdale, and Belgian. He gave them a few carrots, they were low levels for Rapidash's, that would have to change, Tauras would need to train them. He noticed a kid crying, in a corner. A Flareon, and a Vaporeon were next to him. "What's wrong?" asked Tauras. "Some people, who called themselves Team Rocket evolved my 2 eevees, and now they won't obey me, I'm not a good enough trainer!" said the Kid. "Well, I have 2 low level, friendly Rapidash's here, maybe we could trade?" asked Tauras. The kid smiled. "Sure!" he said. Tauras handed him 2 empty pokeballs, and the kid handed him 2 empty pokeballs. Clydesdale, and Belgian said goodbye to Tauras, and visa versa. Tauras walked back to where Jim was. "Check out these new pokemon I traded for! I'll name the Vaporeon Flow, and the Flareon Flare!" said Tauras. He noticed Jim was gone. He looked around. He noticed a man running off. He took off after it. H20, Jolt, Flare, Flow, and Cargo took off after him. Tauras followed the man into a room. It was rather large. 2 people jumped at him from behind. Tauras ducked, and kicked them. 2 more came out. The odds weren't in his favor. He dove at one, and swung his leg around, hitting 2 of them. He landed on his feet, and punched another. Tauras leapt up, and grabbed the fan. He swung around with his legs out, kicking them. The fan didn't hold up long, and Tauras came flying down, onto on of them. He was out. Just then, Tauras's pokemon came running in. "Jolt, Pin Missile, H20, Mega Punch! Flow, Ice Beam, Flame, Fire spin. Cargo, Psybeam!" commanded Tauras. Jolts missiles pinned the men to the ground. H20 gave them each a nice big punch. Flow froze them, and Flame melted the ice, and burned them. Cargo finished them off with a Psybeam. The men were nearly dead. Tauras noticed a small R patch on ones arm. He then looked up, and noticed Jim was tied up, and his pokeballs were on the ground next to him. Tauras untied him. "Thanks a million for saving me. I can't stay though, I'm going to have my Pidgeot fly me out of here!" said Jim. Jim broke the window, and flew off, without giving Tauras a chance to reply. Tauras tried to forget what happened, and returned to the main deck. He purchased some potions, and supplies. He then saw something interesting. It was a store. They sold Max Potions. Tauras looked at what Max Potions did. They raised Level, Speed, Attack, Defence, Special, Evade, and HP. He looked at who created them. A girl in a town near Cinnibar Island made them, in credit to Ash Ketchum. They came in small bottles. Tauras bought a few boxes of them, and took them to his room. He took a few out of the bottles, and gave one to each of his pokemon. "Well, its been a long day. What do you say we some sleep" said Tauras, as he leapt onto the bed. Tauras24- Collection of Bumper Stickers "I fear no beer" "Hows my driving? Call 1800-F$$K-Off Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.