From: Dan <> Subject: [PW!] Team Rocket, Articuno, and an Old Rival...Part 2 Date: Monday, June 28, 1999 6:30 PM ~Deep in the cavern Articuno was frantically flying around the ceiling of the cavern, firing Ice Beams and dodging other Pokemon attacks. Large sacks filled with Ice Heals were slowly being emptied, as Articuno's Ice attacks left many a Pokemon frozen solid. "It's hopeless," a Rocket said. Our Pokemon don't have a chance of winning." "Stop being so negative," another said. "We'll get it, eventually. Besides, what do you think we brought all of those Ice Heals for?" "Hey, wait a minute," yet another said. "What happened to that girl that was here? She has an Electric Pokemon. We could sure use one of those right now." "You called?" a voice asked. A girl with pink hair and a white Team Rocket uniform stepped onto the scene. Amy. "So you need electric Pokemon, huh?" she asked. "Yes, yes," a Rocket said. "Send out your Pikachu." "All right," Amy said, a small grin forming on her face. "Pikachu, go! Thunderbolt!" Still smiling, she pointed to the group of Rockets. "KA-CHUUUUUU!!" Amy tried not to laugh as Pikachu fried the Rockets with his electricity. "Wh-what did you do that for?" one of the burnt-to-a-crisp Rockets asked. "Oh, you meant to use Pikachu on Articuno," Amy said, obviously faking innocence. "My mistake." "I'll tell you what the mistake was!" an angry Rocket said. "You coming on this mission! Victreebel, forget Articuno! Restrain her with your vines!" He pointed to Amy. The Victreebel hopped forward. New vines extended from the one in the back, and wrapped around Amy. "It would be wise if you didn't try anything like that again," the Rocket said, walking up to the struggling Amy. "I'd see that Giovanni kicks you off of the team...or worse." A voice then came out of the darkness. "That's what you think." A small figure stepped out from the shadows. A Clefairy. "Hey! I know that Clefairy!" a Rocket in the crowd said. "I saw it on the Pokemon Tower operation!" "That's absolutely correct!" the voice said. "Let's tell him what he's won!" Another, larger figure jumped from the darkness. "You win a nice long nap!" Dan said. "Clefairy, Sing!" Clefairy began to sing, but making it so that only that one Rocket fell asleep. "And now," Dan said. "Let her go." "Why should I?" the lead Rocket said. "If touch one hair on her head, you'll get a big pounding from my friend here," he said, pointing to Clefairy. Clefairy flexed his muscle. "Fairy!" The Rocket stepped closer to Amy and touched the top of her head. "What're you going to now?" "Clefairy, Mega Punch him!" Dan said. Clefairy brought his fist back and jumped forward. When he was in the air in front of the Rocket's face, he punched with all of his strength. The punch sent the Rocket flying back. "Now, Doubleslap that Victreebel!" Upon hearing the command, Clefairy nodded and jumped at the Victreebel. He began to slap it as hard as he could. Victreebel was caught quite off guard and loosened the vines, allowing Amy to slip out. "Ok, Clefairy, that's enough," Dan said. Clefairy turned in his direction, then back to the Victreebel. "Fair-RY!" he said, finshing off the Victreebel with a Mega Punch, then walked back to where Dan and Amy stood. The lead Rocket was beginning to get up, holding his head. "Well, what are you waiting for?" he asked the still, silent group standing in front of him. "Get them!" - The whole crowd of Rockets was charging toward Dan, Amy, and Clefairy. In this, Dan saw an opportunity. "No one's trying to get Articuno," he mumbled under his breath. "Amy! Clefairy!" he said. "Fight them off! I'll look for a way to get Articuno out of here!" "Okay!" Amy said. "Pikachu, Gloom, Farfetch'd! Let's go!" Dan silently snuck away from the battling group and into a clear area of the cavern. "Now how am I going to get Articuno out of here?" he said. "I should've made a plan ahead of time...but time was what I didn't have...." Articuno was flapping his wings near the ceiling, watching the spectacle down below. - "Grr!" Dan said, looking through the Rockets' supplies. He desperately hoped there was something he could use among the things they brought on the mission. "There's nothing here but Potions, Ice Heals, and Pokeballs! I can't use these to get Articuno out of here!" ~ "Hmm, interesting," the group leader said, watching Dan's failing search. "I wonder what he thinks he's going to do...." ~ "What the...," Dan said, coming across a bunch of weapons. "What were they going to do, shoot Articuno and then capture it?" "Perhaps, as a last resort," someone said. Dan spun around. "You're not ruining this operation." "I'm not?" Dan said, looking around. "Sure looks like I am...." "Well, you had better stop now," the Rocket said. "If you don't, I might do something...unpleasant." "I'd like to see you try," Dan replied. "Pokeball, go!" He flung an empty Pokeball at the Rocket. It hit him directly in the forehead and knocked him out. "And now, back to the search," he said, digging through the weapons box. "What?" Dan said. "A rocket launcher? Why'd they bring one of these?.. Oh well, I suppose I could use this." He walked to the edge of an icy stream running through the cave, chuckling at how fitting it was for Team Rocket to bring along a rocket launcher. "Now let's see," Dan said, aiming at a wall on the opposite side of the stream. "Fire!" He fired a Rocket at the wall, blowing a hole in it. Dan looked up at Articuno and pointed to the hole. "Go! Now!" Much to Dan's surprise, Articuno listened, and flew through the hole leading deeper into the cave. "Well, now that's taken care of," he said, and ran to the battle scene. "It's over!" he shouted. "Clefairy, sing!" Clefairy sang his song of sleep, and all of the Rockets were soon fast asleep. While that was happening, Amy returned her Pokemon to her Pokeballs. "Now let's get out of here!" Dan said, and ran to the tunnel leading back to the cave entrance. Amy and Clefairy quickly followed. - Running across the beach, Dan asked, "So, anywhere you need to go before we head to Saffron?" "I don't think so...," Amy answered. Then it came to her. "...My things! All of my things are in Celadon, at Rocket HQ!" "No problem," Dan said, climbing onto Aerodactyl. "We'll get you there in no time! Aerodactyl Airlines, prepare for takeoff!" TBC... "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." -Calvin of "Calvin and Hobbes" Pokemon seen : 150 Pokemon owned : 144 Only 6 more to go!