From: Dan <> Subject: [PW!] Team Rocket, Articuno, and an Old Rival...Part 3 Date: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 4:34 PM ~In the air, aboard Aerodactyl "Do you think we'll make it?" Amy asked. "Sure," Dan answered. "Why wouldn't we?" "I don't know," Amy said. "But if one of the people in the cave woke up, they'd contact the HQ, and then I wouldn't be able to get my things back...." "Don't worry, we'll make it," Dan asssured her. "And if we don't, I could always try to sneak in." He recalled the Stolen Pokemon incident. "See, there's Celadon now," Dan said, pointing to the rows of buildings up ahead. - Amy walked past the rows of slot machines. She watched the many people gambling away coins, in hopes of getting enough for a rare Pokemon. She had tried this once before, during her stay in Celadon, so long ago... Finally Amy came up to the secret poster. She checked to see if anyone was looking, lifted up the poster, and pushed the button underneath. A door on the other side of the room opened. She walked through and closed the door behind her. Amy walked through the halls of the HQ, searching for her room. Any others walking through the halls took no notice of her and walked past, just like a normal day. "Good," she said under her breath. "That means no one's been contacted yet. I still have time." She found the door to her room and entered. ~Seafoam Cavern The Rockets' mission leader began to get up, his head aching. He slowly looked around the area. Articuno was long gone. The other Rockets and their Pokemon were sound asleep. But most importantly, the two kids that messed up the operation had disappeared. "Those two will pay for this," the Rocket said. "First, I'll contact the HQ to tell them what that girl has done." He pulled out a phone and started to dial. ~Rocket HQ Amy was in her room, stuffing things into a backpack. "Now I hope I can get out of here before any of the people in the cave contact the HQ," she said. "Well, I think that's all of it," she said, zipping up the backpack. "Now to get out of here." She casually walked out the door. "Attention! Attention!" said the loudspeakers in the halls. Amy's heart jumped. "We have been alerted that a Rocket girl by the name of Amy deliberately tried to stop the Articuno operation. If you see her, please turn her in as quickly as possible." "Uh oh," Amy said. "I think I'll need some protection. Let's go everyone! Pikachu, Wartortle, take the front! Farfetch'd and Butterfree, watch the sides! Jigglypuff and Gloom, cover the back." Amy dashed through the halls, her Pokemon protecting her all the way. Rockets coming from the front were soaked, then shocked. People attacking from the sides were Pecked and Psybeamed. Attacks from the back were countered with sprays of acid and songs of sleep. "Look!" Amy said, pointing ahead of her. "We're almost out of here!" "Not so fast," a Rocket said, stepping in front of Amy. "You're not going anywhere." "Pokemon, attack!" she said. "...Huh?" "I don't think so," the Rocket said. Amy looked around. All of her Pokemon were held by Rockets. ~Outside the Game Corner Dan stood facing the door to the Game Corner. "It's taking her too long," he said. "I'm going in there." He returned Aerodactyl to its Pokeball and ran through the door. ~Rocket HQ "Recall your Pokemon now!" the Rocket said. "Or we'll do something to them that you won't like." Amy sighed heavily, then returned all of her Pokemon to her Pokeballs. "You're coming with us," the Rocket then said. "You're can't get away with ruining an important operation like the Articuno mission so easily." Just then, a voice called out. "Amy!" Amy gasped. "Dan! What are you doing here?" "Watch out!" Dan said, and flung a ball-shaped object at the crowd. The ball exploded, filling the hall with smoke. Dan charged into the crowd. "Amy! Where are you?" he asked. "Right here!" Amy replied. "Get me out of here!" Dan faintly saw an arm reaching out through the smoke. He grabbed it and ran out the door, pulling Amy behind him. As soon as they got out of the HQ area, Dan let go and took out Aerodactyl's Pokeball. When the exit was in sight, he threw the ball out the door. "Let's go!" Dan said, hopping on Aerodactyl. Clefairy, who had been waiting outside, did the same. "Off to Saffron!" "Saffron?" Amy said. "But..." "You want to leave or not?" Dan asked. Amy sighed, and reluctantly got on Aerodactyl. "Let's go!" Dan said again. "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." -Calvin of "Calvin and Hobbes" Pokemon seen : 150 Pokemon owned : 144 Only 6 more to go!