From: Magic T. Dragon <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The $100 million man [ATTN rockets] Date: Tuesday, June 08, 1999 6:54 PM The Carroll's wrote: > > Otaku67 wrote: <snip> > > "Put this out to every available member. Tenchi Inverse is now worth $100 > > million, dead or alive. There is a $50 million bonus for his girlfriend. > > Natasha, i believe her name is." > > > > "Sure thing boss." Giovanni closed the link and smiled. It was only a matter of > > time now. > > > > TBC > > Booga walked into the hotel. He hopped up to the counter and tried to > get a room. > "Did you read the sign?" the guy at the counter said. Booga looked at > the sign. No Pokémon without trainers permitted. He sighed. He coudn't > battle the "Elite Four" for this reason too. > He walked out the hotel dodging the occasional Pokéball. He sat on the > corner and sighed. It started raining. > "Oh, great. This just went from bad to worse," he groaned as his fur > got soaked. > > [OOC: Rockets can try to catch me...] > > TBC > > -- > Booga Natasha left the dress shop after about half an hour. "Well, this'll ruin the vacation, but..." She took a deep breath and went into the Celadon Gym. Erika just happened to be up front again. She almost fell over backwards when she saw Natasha. "I...I saw the battle on TV..." She collected herself. "You did well, little sister." Natasha laughed. "I had something driving me...the urge to show you just what little sisters can do!" They talked for a few more minutes. Natasha was amazed at Erika's change of heart. After about 10 minutes, Natasha told Erika she had to go. Erika sighed and asked why she couldn't stay for some Gloom wine. Natasha grinned. "Remember Tenchi?" "No..." "His Ninetails showed you up for..." "Oh, him? What about him?" "Remember how you said he was my boyfriend?" "Yes..." "You were right." Natasha left the stunned Erika and headed for the hotel. On the way, it started pouring. She ran faster, but almost tripped on Booga. "What are you doing out here?! It's freezing..." "The hotel won't let me stay there without a trainer," Booga sighed. "Oh yeah? Let's just see about that." When they reached the hotel, people were sitting around the TV in the lobby. "Did you see that? Those two just waltzed in there and beat the Elite Four like nothing...." "It's been a while since anyone made it past Lorelei!" "And they just went right through..." Natasha picked up Booga and set him on the counter. " the Clefairy I beat half the Elite Four with! He needs a good rest. Get him a room..." "But this is a Clefable..." "So, I evolved him." "And he wasn't blue..." "He changed colors when he evolved. Now, could you please hurry up?" "Umm, right away, ma'am." Natasha muffled a laugh. With a little directing from a bellboy, she went up to the room Tenchi had reserved to take a nap. --Natasha V.