From: zephyr13 <> Subject: [PW!][RR]The Aftermath Date: Saturday, June 05, 1999 12:20 PM The group returned to base still distraught of what just happened. "Can you guys give me some time by myself", said Insanellama. "Sure, I'm going for a walk", said Zephyr as they left. "How could Chaoticllama do this. I need somewhere to go", said Insanellama as he remembered a place up north where he could go. After a good hour the group met back at base camp. Zephyr came in hulling a large bag. "Whats in the bag", said Tauras curious. "Some Team Rocket technology or whats left of it. I figured I could use it to make Athena stronger", said Zephyr as he emptied the bag on the floor. "I want to ask something of you guys. I want you to never hurt or try to kill Chaoticllama", said Insanellama concerned. Zephyr stopped reprogramming Athena with the new technology but started up again. "Hm fine with me", said Shadowboxer as he returned to his corner. "Ok, I'm heading to special forces training anyways", said Tauras. "Zephyr what about you", said Insanellama. Zephyr stopped again but continued reprogramming Athena. "Zephyr please", pleaded Insanellama. "Fine, but if he attacks me", said Zephyr frustrated. "I understand but, only if he makes the first move", said Insanellama. "Fine", agreed Zephyr reluctantly. "Well, I'm heading up north, Tauras I know your heading to special forces training. What about you Zephyr", said Insanellama. Zephyr finished upgrading Athena and brought out a now more detailed map. "I'm heading to Cerulean City", said Zephyr. After they finished packing the group met one last time. Insanellama and Tauras called out their rapidashes. "Well, I'll be seeing you", said Tauras as he shook everyone's hand before riding off to the west. "Zephyr you are a good friend and keep in touch", said Insanellama as he mounted his rapidash and rode off north. "What about you", said Zephyr to Shadowboxer. "I'm coming with you", said Shadowboxer. "Okay lets see if we can ride those tauros Chaoticllama gave us", said Zephyr as they both threw the pokeballs. A massive tauros materialized out of Shadowboxer's pokeball while a note popped out of Zephyr's. "Huh. A note",said Zephyr as he began to read it, "Thought you were getting a tauros well you were but, seeing how much you care about pokemon I found this orphaned sandshrew so you can look after." Zephyr looked down as found the small sandshrew looking up to him with a smile. "Well Chaoticllama made a right choice I am going to look after you. Athena insert new pokemon we'll name him Avalanche" said Zephyr. The duo then walked of to the east and towards a small house in the distance. -- Email ICQ# 36610879 Feel the wrath of Butterfree 3 Evil prepare for devastation. We will break down your corrupted nation, A ray of hope in chaos, Team Hurricane blast off with the power of wind, Surrender now because you will never win..--Team Hurricane Motto Deathclock says My death day will be on Sunday, June 24, 2057