From: <> Subject: [PW!][TH]The Birth of Team Hurricane Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 11:12 AM "Well before we go to Vermillion lets freshen up our pokemon", said Zephyr as they entered the pokecenter. After they go their pokemon healed hey sat down by the window. Zephyr's pokemon were all out, while Shadowboxer only had Psy and Silentpuff out. Starstorm and Aero were busy talking while Avalanche and Elodea were with Zephyr playing. "There are you okay?", Sahdowboxer asked Silentpuff who responded in agreement. "Do you trust?", Shadowboxer gain asked Silentpuff. Silentpuff stayed quiet before hugging Shadowboxer in agreement. "Let stop here", said Scy as he and Stalker landed in front of the pokecenter before walking in. "Most of these trainers treat their pokemon bad", Scy stopped as soon as he say Zephyr playing with his pokemon. Scy returned stalker to his pokeball before walking towards Zephyr. "Hello, I see that you treat your pokeman with respect and love", said Scy. "How else would one treat their friends", said Zephyr. "So you say that you are againsst pokemon cruelty", said Scy. "Yes, I'm also against Team Rocket", said Zephyr. "Then I will join you", said Scy. "Excellent. I'm joining to ask you, Scy and Shadowboxer to join the newly formed Team Hurricane. A team dedicated to the destruction of Team Rocket and all that is evil", said Zephyr. "I will join you", said Scy. "I you", said Shadowboxer slowly making sure he was making the right decision. "Well then lets get going", said Zephyr as they all recalled their pokemon. "Look out Vermillion Team Hurricane is one its way", said Zephyr as Team Hurricane traveled towards Vermillion. Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.