From: Marco262 <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Caravan Drives Into Pewter City Date: Friday, June 11, 1999 11:03 PM Roberto Perez-Vila wrote: > Marco262 wrote: > > (( OOC: He's not bald yet! Just balding... He still has brown and silver hair. > )) (OOC: Sorry about that. I realized that just after I posted it) > Marvin sweatdrops at the lack of people. Two men, one woman, an adolescent, and > three children, two of them Brock's sisters, "Oh, we've got quite a crowd > here... don't we? I guess this means we can begin. My name's Marvin the..." > > A heckler from the small audience yells out, "Hurry up and perform, magic man!" > > "Uhhh...right." Marvin pulls out a deck of cards, "I'll need a volunteer..." > > The youngest one of Brock's sisters, which looks just like Brock, runs up on > stage, "Me! Me! Me!" > > Marvin smiles and places his free hand on top of the girl's head, "What's your > name, little girl?" > > "Suzy!" She smiles, and scratches her sleeve, which begins to rip, "Oooops! I > really gotta be careful about that!" > > 'Gothica' chuckles, "Yah, metoo, cuz whenever I change into big dress for sis, I > end up ripping up at parts and it not look too swell, nope! Noway! Gotta larn to > not do that!" > > Everyone in the audience stays dumbfounded. The woman doesn't sound anything > like she looks like. She looks rather Gothic in her black clothing, but speaks > like a valley girl out of kindergarten. They're not quite sure what she said, > but many people assume it's that she wears her sisters dresses and rips them up. > > Marvin nudges 'Gothica' and whispers, "Don't say anything unless I ask you to! > You're ruining the mysticism!" > > 'Gothica' doesn't move for a moment, then nods politely. > > "Okay, Suzy..." Marvin spreads the deck of cards in his hand, "Chose a card! Any > card!" > > Suzy's dirty fingers reach up to the cards, and touches each one, marking them > up. She ends up selecting the 6 of Hearts, "Do I say what I got?" > > Marvin shakes his head, "Nope! Using my magic ability, I shall guess! I'll turn > around and you give it to my lovely assistant, Gothica!" Marvin turns around, > still holding the remaining 51 cards in his hand. > > Suzy hands the card to 'Gothica.' Marvin's assistant doesn't even look at the > card and shoves it into her cleavage... so deep into it, in fact, that the > audience can't see the card anymore. > > The spectators turn their attention towards Marvin, to see whether or not he is > looking through the remaining cards to figure out which one is missing. Marvin > is simply standing there, the cards in his hands. > > While no one is looking, 'Gothica' palms the 6 of Hearts and extends her arm > further than humanly possible to a member in the audience. It just happens to be > Darian. He doesn't notice the hand deposit the card in his pocket. > > 'Gothica' says outloud, "Marvin, you gots the card yet?" > > "Yes!" Marvin turns around to face Suzy, "It's the six of Hearts, is it not?" > > Suzy's jaw drops a little, "Yeah! How'd ya know?" > > The same heckler from earlier yells out, "It's rigged! You looked through the > deck! I want my money back!" > > Marvin frowns. He knows which member of the seven person audience it is. It's > one of the two men, the one with the thick black beard, "This show was offered > for free! Anyhow, that wasn't the best part of the trick. I shall now retrieve > the six of, not from Gothica's chest, but from a member in the > audience!" > > The spectators look around at each other, wondering which one of the members was > planted by the magician at the start of the act. While they are distracted, > 'Gothica' secretly points a finger at Darian. > > Marvin points his finger at Darian, much more dramatically than 'Gothica' did, > "You, sir! You have the six of hearts! Check your pocket!" > > Darian looks around, confused, and whispers, "Me?" before reaching into his > pocket and pulling out a card... The six of hearts. That wasn't there before. > "How'd you do that?" > > Marvin smiles, "A magician never reveals his secrets! What's your name, sir?" > > "Darian." He responds, wondering why the magician needs to know. > > Marvin pats Suzy on the back, then pulls out a magic wand which he transforms > the bud of a rose, which blossoms into a large red rose before everyone, "Thanks > for helping me, Suzy. Here's a flower for you!" > > Suzy giggles while she takes the rose and sniffs it, "No problem!" She jumps > away from the caravan's small stage and back into the audience. She takes a seat > on of the large boulders that are found in Pewter City. > > Marvin once again points at Darian, "And you, Darian, you are now my next > assistant! Bring up my card!" > > Darian curiously heads onto the stage, and hands Marvin back his card, "You > aren't going to saw me, are you?" > > Marvin laughs while putting away the deck of cards, "Nah... I prefer sawing > *women* in half...and thirds... and fourths..." His wind wanders to all the > women he's performed this trick on, but then remembers he's in the middle of a > show, "Actually, I'm going to read your mind!" > > "I don't think that's such a good idea..." Darian is about to leave the stage, > when 'Gothica' grabs him from behind and starts to massage his shoulders. (OOC: Now ~this~ I like! :^)) > > "C'mon, dude! Chill! Is jussa trick!" 'Gothica' says, her hands soothing > Darian's nerves. > > Marvin walks in front of Darian, "Alright, Darian, m'boy, take a seat!" > > Darian looks around, but can't find a chair anywhere on stage, "Uhh, there's no > chair here." > > Marvin nods, rubbing his chin, "Yes... That could be a problem... But not for a > magician!" Marvin throws a practically invisible pellet onto the ground! Dense > red smoke fills the entire stage... When it clears, a pink chair stands where > 'Gothica' was standing, "*Now* take a seat, Darian!" > > Darian mutters under his breath, "I think I liked Gothica better than a lousy > chair." When he sits down, he feels that the pink chair is enjoying it, but > that's just crazy, "Okay, let's get this over with..." > > Marvin pulls out a black wand with white tips. A golden pendulum, like that of a > Hypno's, hangs off one end. This is the end that Marvin suspends in front of > Darian's vision, "You are getting sleepy... Very sleepy! Yes, I know it's > cliché, but you are getting sleeeeepy!" Apparently, this convinces the boy to > close his eyes and get into a hypnotized state. > > "Now..." Marvin begins, gesturing towards his audience, "Before we get to the > fun stuff... how old are you, Darian?" > > Darian whispers, loud enough for everyone to hear, "A little over 1,500 years > old." > > The audience falls over all at once. The heckler shakes his head, "This so > called magician sucks! He can't even hypnotize people correctly! Let's get out > of here. He's wasting our time!" This comment makes a great deal of the audience > leave. After a while, Suzy is the only one left, and she says, "I think I hear > Flint calling me! Coming, dad!!!" She runs away. > > Marvin slumps over, "But it's always worked before... No one's supposed to lie > to themselves during hypnosis." He looks at Darian, sitting on Famifax in the > form of a chair, "Transform back into yourself, Famifax." > > The chair melts down into a pink Ditto, and Darian falls onto her! She oozes out > from under him, and he wakes up from the fall, "What happened? Where is > everyone?" > > Marvin shakes his head, "They left because during hypnosis, you said you were > 1,500 years old. No one lies during hypnosis! Apparently, I'm not a very good > hypnotist. Oh well. How old are you really, anyhow?" > > Famifax, the pink Ditto, sits down on top of Darian's foot, "Oooo yah, this > dude's hunkalicious!" > > -Marvin Sitting on the floor of the stage, Darian stared perplexed at the ditto gazing at him in as sexy a way as Dittos could manage. Realizing where he was, Darian promptly stood up, spilling Famifax off his shoe in the process only too have her turn into a Paras and latch onto his leg. Darian frantically tried to shake the Ditto off his leg, while trying desperately to sidestep Marvin's simple yet dangerous question. "I said what? Oh, um, I meant, err, 15 years! Uh, yeah! That's it! 15. I just, well, like ~pretending~ I'm older. Yeah, that's it! Sometimes I believe it myself actually. Pretty funny huh? Um, ha ha ha!" Marvin gave Darian a look that questioned his mental stability and decided to drop the subject, planning on inquiring furthur at a later time. "Come on, Famifax. Let's clean up and try our luck in the next town. Thank you for your help, uh, Darian," Marvin cheerfully pumped Darian arm up and down, "Have a good day." "Hey, wait a sec. Do you know where I could find some transportation? I need to get going as soon as possible." Marvin gave Darian another one of those looks. "Unless you have a bike, all traveling has to be done by foot or pokemon. Since you don't seem to have any of the latter with you, walking would be your only choice." Darian groaned and tenderly shifted his feet at the prospect of more excercise to add to his ten-mile hike through mountains to get to Pewter City. This memory reminded him of his traveling partener. "Hey, where is Pardus anyways?" As if on cue, the aforementioned Persian bounded up to Darian, licking his chops and looking a bit more rounder and more satisfied than before. Darian reached down and stroked Pardus. "You know, you could've saved some for me," scolded Darian. Marvin looked over Pardus and started back-up their previous conversation. "Well, I guess you do have a pokemon. But you'll still have to walk because I don't think that Persian would be to enthusiastic about carrying you to the next city." "Oh yeah, do you think you could give me a ride to the next city?" inquired Darian, "After a ten-mile hike, I'm not to keen about another expedition, and I'm sure Pardus isn't either." Pardus then let out and whimper and flopped onto his side, emphazising the extent of their trip. Marvin stroked his chin while he contemplated this question. (OOC: Your turn!)