From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Caravan Drives Into Pewter City Date: Saturday, June 12, 1999 12:14 AM Marco262 wrote: > "Well, I guess you do have a pokemon. But you'll still have to walk because I don't > think that Persian would be to enthusiastic about carrying you to the next city." > > "Oh yeah, do you think you could give me a ride to the next city?" inquired Darian, > "After a ten-mile hike, I'm not to keen about another expedition, and I'm sure > Pardus isn't either." Pardus then let out and whimper and flopped onto his side, > emphazising the extent of their trip. Marvin stroked his chin while he contemplated > this question. "Well..." Marvin looks over at Famifax, who nods her little Paras head excitedly. "Okay! I'm headed up to Cerulean City over night, and you can come with us." Darian and Pardus both stand up straight. Darian smiles, "Thanks... What was your name again?" "Marvin the Magnificent! But you can call me Marvin or just plain Marv." The magician slides open the doors to his psychedelically colored caravan and waves the boy and his Pokemon into it. Once inside, the two curious visitors looks both ways, casting their eyes on all the costumes, props, the bed, and a television in the corner. Marvin jumps in behind them, "Help yourselves to the television or you can look around the costume rack, just don't touch the props. Some of them are very dangerous! Wouldn't want your head to be chopped off!" Xerox, a purple Ditto sitting in front of an open novel, turns her attention towards the new guests, "Hello. Welcome to our humble abode. I assume that Marvin has permitted you and your Pokemon to accompany us to our next destination?" Darian is surprised that the Ditto can speak such advanced English, "Yeah. That's right. Name's Darian." Marvin walks up to the well mannered Ditto, "Can you go outside, dismantle the stage, store it away, then take the caravan over to Mt. Moon? We'll go through the cave and rest, then enter Cerulean tomorrow morning." "Very well." Xerox sighs and begins to go outside, "It seems that my reading will have to be postponed, since my sister requires vast amounts of casual entertainment to be content. She always does. Pleased to meet you, Darian. Farewell." The Paras on Darian's leg leaps off and skitters into the costume rack. Pardus decides to follow her. He gets lost inside the rows of clothing, and comes out wearing a lei. Marvin chuckles at the sight of the Persian, "It looks like your Persian got leid in there!" "Looks like..." Darian responds, walking over to his Pokemon. Before he can get there, a strawberry blonde girl of about fifteen years of age jumps out of the clothing rack and onto him, knocking him onto the floor with her on top! She is only wearing a coconut bra and a long grass skirt. Famifax's big, crystal blue human eyes stare deep into his, "Yer biggo kitty steal me little neck thing! I feels nekkid now!" Marvin slumps into his green bean bag chair, "Just don't GET naked, Famifax! It wouldn't be proper, seeing as how we have guests!" He removes his yellow bow tie and tosses it aside, but his top hat remains on. "Famifax?!" Darian exclaims, looking at the girl on top of him, "This is the Ditto?!" "Yeah..." Marvin laughs, watching as Famifax's tongue circles her human lips, "...she's always turning into human girls and women! I'm guessing her present form was a girl we saw while performing in Cinnabar or Aupulco... maybe Porta Vista." Famifax yanks the lei off of Pardus' neck and puts it on her own. She smiles enchantingly while gazing down at the man under her, "Now yas gotta kiss me, you hunkee! Fersure!" Darian sweatdrops and tries to escape, "I..." Famifax interrupts him by kissing him on the lips! Xerox walks in, in Ditto form, and mutters incomprehensibly when she sees what Famifax is doing. She clears her throat loudly and Famifax and Marvin both look at her. She says, "I just finished packing the stage in the compartment underneath the caravan. Now I shall become a Rapidash once again, to transport us around, as usual. Oh, and calm down, Famifax. You shouldn't jump on every single male you meet. I'm sure he doesn't appreciate being treated like an object." Just as quickly as she came in, she leaves again, and soon the caravan is moving eastward. Famifax rolls off of Darian. She continues to state at him, "My sissis wacko, I tellsya! She's like totally nutso!" Marvin scolds the Ditto from his place on his favorite bean bag chair, "Now, Famifax, your sister is very intelligent. She's right about the way you're treating Darian, too. You should take it easy! He's not even your species!" Famifax presses herself very close to Darian, her hands rubbing his chest, "Marvy's wacko like sissis! Daree man, you do like my treat you like this, no? Sureya do!" She goes in for another kiss on the lips... -Marvin