From: Saldana <> Subject: [PW!] The Chansey Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 4:31 PM A little Chansey wandered around the patch of grass. Marco went up to it, took out his notebook and started writing. When he was done, he called out" Hey Sam and Robert, come over here. Two 10 year old boys came up to Marco. "Look what I found", he siad" a Chansey" Sam said " That pokemon will be great for the paragraph you have to do!" "Cool!" said Robert" your so lucky!" The trio chatted a little bit, then Marco said" I have to write up the paragraph now, so see you guys later."said Marco, and went inside the hidden house to do his homework. The next day, he went into the school room. Ash was waiting for him already. "Hand in your homework" he said, and Marco did. "Well, what have we got here" said Ash, then turend to the piece of paper. " Awesome. This paragraph is the bomb. That Chansey must be very cool. " He is." said Marco. Over the next few weeks, his homework centerd around the little Chansey. Sometimes, when he had done really well in home school, Ash would lend him his pokeTranslator. They would have interesting conversations. One day, when walking around the Safari zone, he noticed a Safari Ball in the tall grass. Stelthinly, he went and picked it up. He searched for a while and then found Chansey. It was one of those ocassions where he had his pokeTranslator handy. He said to the pokemon " Hey Chansey guess what? I found a Safari Ball. If you want you can become my pokemon. " Sure" said the Chansey, and jumped inside the Pokeball.