From: MTSowbug <mtsowbug@homework.inbox> Subject: [PW!] The Doppleganger (part 3) from the perspective of Larry Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 10:03 PM Recently Larry has encountered a strange creature which flew away and gave him some rotten melon pudding. Also previously on the PokeWars, Phoo has somehow ended up in Celadon. This story takes place in somewhat the same timeframe as part 1. Enjoy! Larry belched. Then he threw up. He savored every moment of it. Larry found nothing quite more exhilirating than eating something rotten, regurgitating it, and sucking it all back up once again. His supervisors had said it years ago: Larry was the strangest newspaper reporter they had ever met. What other human could produce black, salty acid from their pores? Yes, Larry was not the average Joe. BURP!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, Larry had finished. He sniffed the air, and looked around himself. "GAAF AF AF af af... what in the heck is WRONG WITH THE WORD. GET YO JIGGLY WITH THE JIGGLYPUFF? What crazy things will them thar rutabegas come UP WITH NEXT!!!!!!! DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!" Larry spewed forth words that hurt the ears to listen to, with their shirll pitch and dissonant sound, which for the sake of humanity, was unique to himself. As Larry was enjoying himself in his euphoria, he heard something strange. In fact, what made the noise so strange was that it made no sound. There was some sort of sound, Larry could tell, but it made no noise, and merely was silence. Larry looked around in curiosity to find out why he couldn't hear anything, and what was creating this drone of silence. Strangely enough, the mute noise disappeared in less than a few seconds. Larry spun around widely, going insane over what was the matter with his senses. As Larry spun around, he saw suddenly smelled something in the air. Larry stuck his nose to the breeze like a dog would, and snuffled around. He smelled a scent of a papaya... a very, very, very rotten papaya. It attracted Larry like a magnet, and he twirled around towards the direction of the scent. Only about a quarter mile away, in a green clearing, Larry spotted a Lickitung doing... something with a rotten, half-digested papaya. Larry strained his eyes, looking for clues... when he saw what appeared to be... a cockroach. "GABUKI MWA HA HA?! Could this be Phoo. Oh my wafflemuffin surprises what joy THIS BRINGS TO me. AFTER ALL THIS TIME could it possibly be fake!!!! I MUST FIND OUT; yes, I definitely must FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" With that din, Larry began to sneak towards the cockroach and his merry band, but stopped dead in his tracks. Larry saw something monstrous in the air. A black, creeping finger spread through the sky, paralyzing Larry with fear. He panicked, and looked around himself frantically to find a hiding place. Seeing a nearby gray boulder, he ran to it, pryed the rock up, and hid under it, as it gradually smashed him into the ground. Being under a boulder, Larry thought it to be safe to look up at what was happening in the sky. The finger of darkness grew longer, and gradually reached and streched across the sky. Then, more fingers of void suddenly appeared, and grew. Larry estimated that the length of the void, from one end to the other, to be about half a mile. A small spark of energy grew in the center of the of the darkness, which gradually expanded to a shimmering light. Then, all of a sudden, the entire thing started to throb and shake in the sky, very violently. A brilliant flash of light, and then Larry... blinked. The next thing Larry saw was on the ground. He saw Phoo... flying around in very rapid circles, close to the ground. Due to the speed, Larry almost thought he saw too Phoos. The circle spun and flashed, but in a brevity, the circle ended, and Phoo rematerialized in the same place he started from. Phoo then seemed to stand in place, and shake violently, as if something was going against his will. Then all calmed down. None of the pokemon seemed to notice. They started walking off into the distance. "GAfoombabaNOOHMANnotimetoTHINKCOMEMYMINIONSWESHALSTfollowthem!!!!!!!!!!", Larry whispered in a fake British accent as he got out from under the boulder and started to sneak after Phoo. Larry hung low to the ground as he slithered forth, sneaking behind, gradually gaining ground. *** Time passes, the hours go by *** Larry steadily crawled in the grass behind Phoo and company, about 30 yards behind them. Larry stayed steadily behind Phoo, observing, because it had taken him so long to get so close, he didn't want to spoil his own plans again. Larry noticed that Phoo seemd less animated than usual, with less energy and seemingly... seemingly... bland, but with some sort of hidden touch. Larry was very curious, but he tried to keep his emotions under control. The only obvious signs of Larry was a whispered giggling sound and a trail of thin, bubbly, turquoise slime that was left in his wake. But no one seemd to notice. It seemed that Phoo occasionally talked to his pokemon, about some sort of plan. Larry couldn't quite understand or make it out, but it sounded very premeditated. It was definitely a strange, yet boring, trip as Larry and Phoo & Co. advanced northwards in the on and off scrubbly grasslands. At night, Phoo & Co. seemed to be little more for words; they ate quitely, and strangely enough, Phoo left them outside. Larry never took the inititave to pounce on or surprise the group, even though there were many opportunities.1 *** Several days pass by uneventfully *** Eventually the landscape started changing. Plains turned to hills, and grass turned to trees and flowers. They were obviously nearing Celadon. The uneventuality of the trek was actually quite ominous. Larry looked at the sun, and it seemed to be nearing 3:00 PM. Looking ahead of himself again, Larry noticed that Phoo's pokemon seemed to have started off towards a nearby glen of trees. Larry rushed ahead to sneak on them, and saw the pokemon preparing what appeared to be a campsite. Larry heard a rustling in the bushes behind him, and climbed up into a tree to hide. Peering down, Larry saw Phoo shuffle into the glen. Larry yawned, and continued to gaze downwards. He was starting to get sleepy. But then, all of a sudden, Phoo started flashing. Purple and yellow sparks flew out of his body as if he was being attacked. Then a red aura started to glow around Phoo, which seemed to be bombarding him with tiny crimson particles. Phoo reeled as if under attack, qualmed, and then returned to normal. There was a great droning in the sky, and then a thunderclap, but then all receeded back to normal. No one had noticed. Larry's eyes grew wide as he saw that, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, Phoo's pokemon continued with their tasks. Phoo looked completely normal, but was twitching his antennae nervously as if something unknown was going on. Phoo's Chansey started to walk towards Phoo, and started to talk to him. Phoo seemed to be in wonder at the scenario, and was blinking quite repeatedly. Larry was at loss for words, and watched as Phoo and his pokemon nonchalantly ate and slept, ensuing a camp for the night. Larry never moved from his spot. What's going on here? Why does Larry exude strange substances from his body? To be continued... They taste salty" - Cassidy Wright No, my name isn't Cassidy! A wok is a Chinese cooking device oftentimes used to make stirfries. "Sacrilege!" he cried, "Return that duck at once!" In a melodious voice, she cried out, "Chan-siiiiiii!!!" I am the holder of Goddish's Grimore of Lore! And Goddish's Neat Book of Stuff! (praise Goddish) Clefairy, Clefairy, Clefairy jump over the moon, Clefairy, Clefairy, Clefairy jump over the moon! The moon! The moon! The moon, the moon, the moon! KABOOM!!! (Clefairy used Metronome, and got Explosion) The sigfile grew to an enormous size! -more- The sigfile exploded and spewed pink goo everywhere! -more- You die. -more- If you spontaneously combust, all is left is a rocking chair and your teeth. Secretly, in the depths of night, rocking chairs roam the earth, searching for YOU!!!! When a rocking chair finds you (and it will), BEWARE!!!! For if you accidentally sit in it, your doom shall fall. Hiding by day, Lurking by night, Beware the rocking chair! "What? Your request is of no importance to me, young man, for we carry no such thing as frosty melon pudding!" said the shopkeeper to the bum. I *think* my e-mail address is But why would you E-mail me? What is your secret motive? WHAT KIND OF CONSPIRACY ARE YOU HIDING?!?!?!?!