From: The Grand Poobah of WeirdVille <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The dusty road to Fuschia Date: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 4:38 PM TheRunt wrote: > "Felix..." begins Jon, "this is... Sarah Jane, Damian, Christy, and Runt. >We've been traveling together on our Pokémon journey." > The group uneasily, but politely, nods. > "Actually, I believe I already met Felix," Runt comments. "Didn't we fight >a >Giant Koffing in Pallet a while back?" > Introductions go around from there. > "So..." Damian starts after a moment of uncomfortable silence. > <To Be Continued...> "A giant Koffing in Pallet? Kewl. Too bad I missed that!" Dustin remarked. That's ONE thing he's never seen. Dustin, getting hungry, pulled a box of 'Chicken in a Biskit' snack crackers out of his backpack. "Anyone hungry?" he asked. Poison shook off Felix's hit, and stood up. Two Blimp-sized Cows... KidVid 2! Praise Goddish! I'm 1/2 of the Wigglytuff Warlords "im too smrat for yuo yu stoopid newbei you cant ban me cause im too smart ha ha" Some lamer on the MZX mailing list called ExTrEmEhAxOr