From: syke6888 L <> Subject: Re: [PW] The Hunt for the Pikachu and Ditto Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 10:22 AM > Tiki stood at the enterance of the Fuschia City Pokecenter > waiting for the others to get ready to leave, everything was happening > so fast. But Tiki understood what was happening. They needed to get > to Cinnibar and try to find the good Ditto, they needed to find out > stuff about the bad Ditto as well. Pipian and Orion were the first > ones out they were all packed up and were ready to go. After a few > minutes John came out. > "Where's Jamie, she didn't have to pack," Pipian said. > "I don't know," Tiki replied. After a little Jamie came walking > out with three pokeballs in her hand, she placed them in her backpack. > "My Pokemon were hungry," she remarked. They started walking > away, then Jamie broke in "How do we intend on getting there?" All the > guys stopped and sweet dropped. "I don't have enough money for a > Pidgeot, ride." Jamie remarked. > Pipian and Orion reached into their pockets and came out with > enough for one of them to get a ticket. Then John reached in and > didn't quite had enough, and Tiki only had enough for one. > "Well," Tiki began, "We have two choices, we can either get > jobs," no one seemed to keen about that idea, "Or we can try and get > that," Tiki pointed a finger at a sign that read 'Attention all Pokemon > trainers, enter in our find the hidden cottage contest, and win an > HM03.' > "We'll win it then teach our Pokemon how to surf, we'll surf our > way to Cinnibar." Tiki said. > "But how many pomeon do we have that can surf?" John asked, Tiki > threw out his Starmie, and Orion threw out his Wartortle and his > Starmie, and John threw out Ariel his Vaporeon. > "Oh horse shi..." Tiki said "Well wait a sec Jamie what Pokemon > do you have?" > "Well I have a Magnemite I have a Drowzee and I have a > Nidorino." She replied. > Tiki's face lit up, "If you evolve your Nidorino we'll have our > fifth surfer, but only if he wants too." > "Well lets see," Jamie threw out her pokeball and her Nidorino > came out. "Nidorino would you like to evolve?" The Pokemon started > nodding it's head vigoursly, "Well okay but now we need a moon stone." > Jamie said. > "We'll worry about that later, but I think we should get the HM > before we start evolving things." Pipian said. Everyone agreed and > they headed towards the Safari Zone. > > TBC (okay someone else write how we get the HM) (OOC:Never fear, the Laramie Clan is here! Ignore my "Hunting" post I'll continue here) "Hold on a minute. Pass me a dime and I'll get the HM. And Fly, as well" asaid John. "For a dime, that's a real bargain," said Orion, passing a coin to John. John walked to a nearby pay vid-phone, inserted the coin, and called Lara. "John! Where are you?" asked Lara. "Would you believe still in Fuschia?" John replied. "Anyways, do you think you could send me the Clan's Fly and Surf HMs? My group and I need them to get to Cinnabar. "No problem, anuthing for my little brother. Rapidash is saddled up, so I should reach the Pokécenter in 5 minutes. See you soon!" John hung up, then walked back to the group. "How's that? We get our transportation, another HM, and our money." "Fine, you forgot one thing, though" said Jamie. "Huh?" "The Moon Stone for my Nidorino!" John facefaulted. "Oops." TBC? (OOC: To paraphase Bobby Bouché, "Now that's some high-quality posting." Continue Tiki, Pipian or Jamie.) -- "Feel the Storm, It's coming"-Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury- The Motion Picture The Three-Hit Eeveelution Combo! Flamethrower-Water Gun-Thunderbolt Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.