From: Daitooryoo <> Subject: Re: [PW!]The killings musn't continue! Date: Thursday, June 03, 1999 11:08 AM As Laz walked amid the center of Fuschia, Dai saw him, he didn't recognize him, so he went up to him to asked the familiar question. "No I ain't Alex", replied the Abra. "Then who are you", asked Dai. "I am Laz and you are", questioned Laz. "My name is Dai", Dai answered."Yes, I found you, Dreadite Hunter's Guild, you made that", said Laz. "Yes I did", said Dai. "So what are we gonna do", Laz asked. "We have to recruit more members or else it's impossible to take action", said Dai. "Ahh I see", replied the talking Abra. TBC See if you can follow up Laz. <> wrote in message news:7j4mat$2un$ > OOC: All poke-speech is translated. > "Today a man and an eevee were killed by a master Team Rocket member > named Dreadite. Witnesses say that he had the voice of mewtwo" said the > reporter. "WHAT THE HECK!" screamed Laz. He was glowing in anger. He > noticed a banner on the wall in the center. He read it, it was about a > Dreadite hunter guild. Laz flew to the computer, and sent a reply to > the writer, Dai. > -- > From:Laz, Psychic Abra > -- > To:Dai > -- > Subject:Re: Dreadite Hunter Guild > -- > Attachment:N/A > -- > I too am angered about the killing of the eevee. Dreadite has gone TOO > far. I agree, we > must take action against him, the killings cannot go on. I hope that > someday, > Dreadite will be put behind bars. As you read this I am heading to > Fuchsia City. > > > Laz > > Clefairy walked into the room, followed by an Eevee. "Laz, I > found a colony of Eevees! This one wished to join me, after he heard > about the murder. He was rescued from the lab on Cinnibar, by the man > who was murdered. He can evolve into his forms, and dis-evolve. He > doesn't want to be your pokemon, until he thinks you are worthy" said > Clefairy. "OK! Come on, were heading to Fuchsia City to meet Dai!" > said Laz. "Dai?" asked his pokes. "I'll explain later, come on!" > replied Laz. They rushed to the nearest Pidgey Airlines. Laz purchased > his tickets, and got onto his flight. > Soon they were in Fuchsia City. Laz rushed into the center, and looked > around for any sign of the Dai. > > > Tauras24-Daitooryoo, want to continue this? > > Tauras24's Hall of Nifty Things to Know! > -Are you alergic to Beedril stings? > -How to get Meweee:Teach an Exeggute Fly, Cut, Flash, Fire Blast, and > get the 48th badge. > Use fire blast on the wall in Professor Oaks house, and you come to a > Golem. Fire your > poke-cannon at it, and it will do the hula dance. FLY over it, and you > come to a hill. > Buy a pick-ax at a nearby mart and dig 900,000,000 feet below the ground > and you will find > a cage with Meweee in it.(The sad part is somewhere, somehow someone > will try this) > -Titanic WAS about an ant named Oman > -Star Wars was a computer game, not a movie > -Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle screw up your game if you choose > them. > -When confronting a Charizard bring along you CPS-2,500 > -Spearows taste like chicken > > > > > > > Sent via > Share what you know. Learn what you don't.