From: <> Subject: [PW] The Mystery Hunter Date: Tuesday, June 01, 1999 2:59 PM <SOMEWHERE IN A CAVE THERE IS A MAN AND A SHAWDOWY FIGURE> "So you want them all dead?" the man asks. The shadowy figure nods. "Any preference who dies first?" Shadowy figure shakes. Man picks up envelope thrown to him by shadowy figure contains large amounts of large bills. "Well sir you sure picked the right man for the job, if anyone can stop them it's me, Cross the Bounty Hunter." We can see a smirk form on the shadowy figures profile. <SCENE SWITCH TIKI WALKS INTO A STORE WITH CHARM OUT AND SOME MONEY> "May I help you?" The man behind the counter asks. "Yes you may I'm looking to pump up my Clefairy here, I would like whatever one's of these you have, TM 14, TM 22, TM 29, TM 38, and a moon stone." "Well the only ones of those I have is a TM 29 and a TM 38." "I'll take them," Tiki replies, he Tiki takes out a large wad of cash and throws it on the counter, the man produces two small boxes, with the letter TM and their appropriate number on them. The boxes look like they can separate down the middle. "Thank you please come again, oh and by the way no refunds." Tiki walks out the door. "Okay charm, your about to learn Psychic and Fire Blast, I'm going to have you forget Pound and Growl, is this okay with you." "Clefairy (Hurray now I can become stronger)." Tiki opens the first box. A robotic voice emits "TM 29, contains Psychic, would you like to teach, Psychic to a Pokemon," Tiki pushes a green yes button, then he holds it to Charm's ears. "Your Clefairy is trying to learn Psychic but it can't learn more than four moves, delete an older move to learn Psychic?" Once again Tiki pushes the yes button then selects Pound then the Box makes a funny sound. "Your Clefairy learned Psychic." Then Tiki repeated the process with the other TMs then he threw them away. "Alright Charm how do you feel?" "cle FAIRY ( GREAAAAATTT!!!!!)" "Good, now the Pidgeot station doesn't open for awhile so lets go to that Brock's diner over there." Charm and Tiki start walking over to the Diner. They entered and are seated. Tiki orders a half pounder everything on it, Medium done. (Beating the snot out of Rockets really takes it out of you, besides Tiki's metabolism is like a cheetah's). Tiki lets out his other Poke on and feeds them all. Then his food comes and he starts eating, when a heavly cloaked man comes in, the restraunt is full, he walks up to Tiki. "Excuse me could I please share this booth with you." Tiki nods and the man puts his bag next to him and then orders a cup of coffee and a donghut. "Hello, may I ask what your name is?" "Just call me Cross, what's yours?" "Tiki." Cross's food comes he and Tiki finish at the same time and they pay. Right as Tiki's about to get up when, "Don't move I'm holding a gun to your gut, you move and I'll shoot you then everyone else in the Diner," Tiki says nothing, "Alright lets walk outside nice and slow," Tiki follows orders and next thing he knows he is in an ally with a large gun beibg pointed at him. Criss take out a pokeball and releases it, a Sandslash appears. "Sandslash, go search him, take his bag, his pokemon and any weapons you find. The Snadslah runs up takes what he was told. To Tiki's dismay the Sandslash finds his staff and takes it. "You got any last words?" "Why are you doing this?" "I was hired to." "By who?" "I think not, you'll have to die not nowing." Cross grins then pulls the trigger, Tiki jumps to the side with lightning quick reflexes, Cross empties out the clip, Tiki deflects them with a nearby garbage can. Cross drops out the gun and breaks out another handgun. He empties it too but Tiki dodges all of them, one manages to knick his arm though. Then Cross opens his bag and takes out a shotgun. Cocks and shoots. Tiki knows he can't dodge all that, he just freezes in fear and hold his hands out in front of him for protection. Nothing happens, Tiki looks up and sees the shell contents lying in front of him. "COOL," Tiki notices that Cross is in shock, as is his Sandslah he takes this oppurtunity to kick Cross and grab his Pokemon and staff, he extends it and sends out Zip and Charm. "How did you do that?" "I don't know but I'm glad I did," Tiki prepars for battle. Cross calls out a Parasect. "Sandslash Earthquake, the ground shakes and Tiki and his Pokemon fall to the ground. When they get up they see nothing but a whole where Cross stood. And a note that says 'This is not over'. "Deep," Tiki wonders how he did what he did, but right now he odesn't have time for loyygaging around, he has to get to Cinnibar. He recalls his Pokemon and heads out towards the Pidgeot express. Retracting his staff as he goes. {Any thoughts on who Cross was hired by} ________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL ME: "Where there's a Pokemon, there's a way!" White Dragon from Lunar: Silver Star Story- "I don't know why you people are so obssesed with those things, don't you know they're made of my shi... oh never mind." Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.