From: Spawn <nmvds@aol.computers> Subject: [PW!] The path to Bill's Lighthouse Date: Friday, June 25, 1999 12:21 PM Continued From: "[PW!] Cerulean...why the hell am I in Cerulean?!]" >> "Hop in," said Steve as he began to start his car again, "but we're >making a >>slight detour on the way." >> "Where to?" asked Giselle. >> "Bill's lighthouse," he answered. "First tip to Pokemon training: >Always >>expect setbacks." > >She hops into the car, however reluctantly placing her Ponyta into a >Pokéball, >but finally does it after a few minutes for storage purposes once again. She >talks to the Ponyta in the ball. "Its alright Ponyta. You won't be in here >that long." She sighs as her Oddish and Butterfree get into the car, and her >Pidgeotto pirches on her shoulder. "Ready now." as says, closing her eyes, >sitting in the back of the Corvette as she puts on her headphones of her >minidisk player. She prays to herself, hoping this may help her "a much >lot". "Directions?" Steve asked as he began to pull a 180. "Keep going until you get past the bridge, and take the first right," Karen answered. "Cool," said Steve as pedestrians began to run for safety. "Hey, move it here!" "Is he always like this?" Gohan asked. Karen was a little embarrassed when she nodded. "So what's Pokemon Tech like," Giselle asked Steve. "Don't remember," Steve replied. Giselle looked at Karen. "I was there for only a day," said Karen. Giselle was a little confused. She realized this was going to be a long journey. They began to approach the bridge. "Okay, Fox," Steve began, "be my navigator." TBC -Spawn To reply, remove "puters" from the e-mail address.