From: Yoda <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The path to Bill's Lighthouse Date: Friday, June 25, 1999 2:08 PM > "Directions?" Steve asked as he began to pull a 180. > "Keep going until you get past the bridge, and take the first right," Karen >answered. > "Cool," said Steve as pedestrians began to run for safety. "Hey, move >it >here!" > "Is he always like this?" Gohan asked. Karen was a little embarrassed >when >she nodded. > "So what's Pokemon Tech like," Giselle asked Steve. > "Don't remember," Steve replied. > Giselle looked at Karen. > "I was there for only a day," said Karen. > Giselle was a little confused. She realized this was going to be a long >journey. > They began to approach the bridge. > "Okay, Fox," Steve began, "be my navigator." Fox scratched his head. "Hmm. .. err, don't exactly remember .... hehe, 'sbeen awhile ... let's see ...." He sweatdropped. "Uh, Gohan?" Gohan sighed. "Geez. I'm not even related to the guy and _I_ know." Fox breathed a sigh of relief, along with everyone else in the car. "Well...let's see. We just left the 'center, sooo..." Gohan began to speak directions. "Take a left here ... then a right .. we should pass by the gym ... then the 'mart..." Steve drove (rather speedily), hitting various Pokémon. Eevee, especially: "Veeeee! *CRUNCH*" After the road-kill carnage subsided, they found themselves standing by the beach, with the lighthouse looming on the horizon. "Well, guys, here we are. Up for a little walk to Bill's?" Steve, a little disturbed at the sight of it, led the way. -- Yoda < > < ICQ: 31178519 > "That...was really disturbing." "Very good, young grasshopper." "Let's Turn Up The Heat!" "Macs Rule, period. What else is there to say?" <> <>