From: Spawn <nmvds@aol.computers> Subject: Re: [PW!] The path to Bill's Lighthouse Date: Friday, June 25, 1999 4:55 PM >> Gohan sighed. "Geez. I'm not even related to the guy and _I_ know." Fox >>breathed a sigh of relief, along with everyone else in the car. >"Well...let's >>see. We just left the 'center, sooo..." Gohan began to speak >>directions. "Take a left here ... then a right .. we should pass by the gym >>... >>then the 'mart..." Steve drove (rather speedily), hitting various PokÚmon. > >She winces as she closes her eyes and then opens her eyes, being at the beach >and looks to Steve. "Damn Steve! Ya' know if you hit too many, you'd damage >yer' car. After all, I was the accountant's assistant and one of the >cohousing >development's costs is car repair. Thats why I use air travel back at my >home... but I need a lotta Pidgeottos. Oh well." Steve just nods slowly. > >She smiles softly as looks at the lighthouse. "Hmm.." She takes out her >PDA/PokÚdex and activates the locator. "So this is Bill's place eh? Not bad >for a home like this. What are we doing here anyhows?" She puts away the >PDA/PokÚdex as she walks to the lighthouse with the others. "You know, you gotta let me that HM you used for flight sometime," Steve muttered as he locked the car and put the hood back down. "Come on," Fox said to Giselle, "He has a lot of 'Pokemon for Dummies' books you could read." "I am not a 'dummy,'" she insisted as she began to free her Pokemon from their balls. "He has a few 'Pokemon For Idiots' books too, if that's your style," Gohan continued. The five of them entered inside of the lighthouse. Expect for Karen, who was picking up a wounded Eevee. "You should really be more careful," she advised. "My uncle has some treatment stuff inside!" Fox yelled. "He might also have a few stones to offer you." Karen hurriedly carried the wounded Eevee inside. "Hello Fox, hello Gohan," Bill said. "Who are these people?" "They're just people who I'm traveling with," Fox explained. "Hey Bill," Steve shouted as he raised his head, "do you know who I am? Because I sure don't?" "I don't follow?" Bill replied, confused. "Steve lost his memory after being attacked by an Alakazam," Karen explained. "he's been trying to figure out his past ever since." "So what can you tell me about myself?" Steve asked. "You're a smart kid," Bill replied. "You had a lot of interesting theories." "Anything else?" Steve asked. "You haven't grown much in the past few years," Bill noted. "Nothing about my family or anything along those lines?" "Those never came up," said Bill. "Although I do know you were heading to Silph Co. for a job." "Any idea on why?" "Not really." "Great..." Steve sighed sarcastically. "Well, I'm sorry for using up your time. This place looks like a hurricane just came through." "Some people from Team Rocket broke in," Bill explained, "but I'm fine." "What'd they look like?" Fox asked. "One was nerdish with glasses, a bad haircut and a suit, and looked very, very, rich," said Bill. "He called himself Bates. The other had typical Team Rocket and called himself Gordon." Karen and Steve looked at each other and began to shake their heads in discuss. "I know the guy," said Steve. "I'll deal with him when I get the opportunity. Did they take anything?" "Just some source code," said Bill. "We'll help you clean up," said Gohan as he and Fox began to help straighten things out. "Do you have any medicine for this Eevee?" Karen asked. "Sure, it looks like it's hurt pretty bad though," said Bill. "I'll look at it myself." "Thanks," said Karen. "I may also have a Thunder Stone if that's your cup of tea," Bill muttered. Giselle was beginning to feel left out. "So I hear you're big on Pokemon?" she began. "Any pointers you can give me?" TBC -Spawn To reply, remove "puters" from the e-mail address.