From: Spawn <nmvds@aol.computers> Subject: Re: [PW!] The path to Bill's Lighthouse Date: Saturday, June 26, 1999 12:32 AM >"This software update will not get to everyone. The Saffron Gym Leader >doesn't >accept E-mail. Apparently, I can't send him or her (she doesn't know who the >person in there is, or what goes on there) the update so I have to get to him >or her personally. There may be other people affected, but they can go to >their local Pokémon Center for the update." She sits down on a chair, >sitting >back. "I'm pooped.. I'll rest for a little bit." Bill sighs and comes back >to >the testing chamber, grabbed Giselle's Pokéball (which has Oddish), stuffs it >into Giselle's coat pocket, and comes back to Steve. > >"I'm sorry.. what did you say Steve?" is what he says. "You know, if 20 minutes worth of fiddling with the system could suddenly fix everything, then this guy wouldn't be in the Forbes list," said Steve. "87 hours straight with only an IV full of Mountain Dew, maybe, but not 20 minutes worth of going through the system. If there's one thing he knows, its how to pirate ideas." "How you manage to go through billions of lines of 1's and 0's that quickly is beyond me," said Bill. "This is just like the movies," said Fox, "you know, like Terminator II. Where that kid hacks into a mainframe with a tiny Atari type thing." They all had a good laugh. "Are you sure you're not the Giselle from Pokemon Tech?" asked Karen. Before she came, she heard that the Giselle from Pokemon Tech and knew her reputation for showing off. > Gohan looked around the old lighthouse. > "Y'know, Bill, I bet my mom'd go nuts if she came over and saw what you've >done to this place." > "Mine too, especially," Fox added jokingly. > > Bill tended to the Eevee, and began to converse with Karen, eyes open with >curiosity. After awhile, they were finished. Karen looked satisfied, with a >huge smile on her face. Bill handed her a piece of paper, and told her to >contact him if she need more help. > > He turned to Gohan and Fox, and smiled. > "So guys, how're you're Pokémon doing?" > With that, Gohan released Growlithe, and Fox did the same with Sandshrew. >Growlithe, energetic, ran, who and licked Bill's face. Sandshrew, a bit >nervous, resumed his spot on Fox's head. Then, they all took a seat on the >chairs around the fireplace. > > "So...where are we off to now, Steve? Your call." "To Saffron City," Steve muttered. "So Karen, how does the Eevee look?" Steve asked. "You know, it was kinda ackward explaining the tire tracks you left on it," said Karen. "I'm sorry," Steve apologized as he entered the car. "So do you think you'll use the Thunder Stone on it?" "Soon," Karen answered. "That's good," Steve said as he smiled and flipped on the radio. Until he heard the song "Livin' La Vida Loca" play. "That's it, I'm switching to the oldies station," he muttered. "Hey, I love that song!" Gohan shouted as he began to hum. "Anyway, Karen, what's the shortest way to Saffron City?" he asked. "There's a road up ahead we can take," she responded. "Perfect," Steve replied. Then he began humming. "In-side, In-side-out, she was livin' la vid--Ah, cripes, now you have that song stuck in my head!" "Sorry," Gohan apologized. "I hate when that happens," Karen said empathetically. -Spawn To reply, remove "puters" from the e-mail address.