From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] The Performance in Cerulean City Date: Sunday, June 20, 1999 2:13 PM (( NS: Darian hasn't replied to my previous Marvin post yet, but I feel I must continue! )) Marvin is reclining in his favorite green bean bag chair inside his caravan. With Darian and Pardus gone, everything was back to normal... except for Famifax. She is a pink blob on Marvin's lap, and tears pour out of her tiny Ditto eyes. Marvin rubs his hand across her gooey pink body, something he wouldn't dare do when she transforms into a human, "There, there, Famifax... He has his own plans. I'm sure you'll meet someone else..." "But me wanz da Dareee man!" She continues to cry. She suddenly stops, and within moments of formulating a plan, she begins chuckling. She leaps off Marvin's lap and starts to transform... into Darian! "Nows I gots the fun with me!" Marvin sweatdrops at the sight of the young man who just left, and points to the rows of costumes, "Take it to the costume racks, Famifax... and don't do anything naughty." "Ohhh... I'm not gunna dosomethin naughty bad bad! Noway!" 'Darian' smirks and hides behind the rows of costumes. Marvin sighs as he sinks further into his chair, "I wonder if Xerox will ever return from the Pokemon Center. I've been waiting here for ever!" "I'm sorry for my tardiness, master." Xerox the purple Ditto answers as she walks through the caravan doors, "After I recovered at the Pokemon Center, I scouted the area, trying to estimate the amount of people visiting Cerulean City. There are enough people present for you to perform a relatively extravagant show." Marvin jumps out of his chair, adjusting the position of the black top hat on his thinning brown and silver hair, "Excellent! Marvelous! Okay, Xerox, I want you to be my assistant for this performance." "Me?" Xerox asks, surprised at the request, "What about Famifax? She enjoys being assistants much more, anyhow." Marvin looks over at the costume racks, which seem to be rattling a little too much, "Uhhh... Famifax is busy. Besides, I'm going to need you as an integral part of this illusion. I need you to use that minor telepathy that you gained from the experiments at Cinnabar, the telepathy that Famifax is no good at. Get the Mismade Lady box ready." "Ahh yes, I understand..." Xerox begins to move towards the area of the caravan opposite the clothing racks, where the box illusions are located, "Famifax would be able to use telepathy also, but one must have a clear mind for it to actually work properly. It drains my cerebrum, and I imagine it would wreak havoc upon Famifax's one track mind." Marvin slides a red tuxedo on over his white underclothes while Xerox looks for the illusion, "I know... That's why I need you to be my assistant... You're important part of the illusion itself... I just hope we can get some good volunteers!" Once his red tuxedo is on, Marvin crowns his outfit with a golden bow tie, "Okay, I'm on. See you at the town's square!" Marvin leaves the multi-colored caravan, spinning a blue magic wand with a yellow star on one end. He marches into the town square, and begins to holler out at the passerby's, "Come one, come all! My name's Marvin the Magnificent, and I'm here to perform many surprising illusions, I shall even attempt to saw a woman into pieces and put her back together! That's right, I'm the only magician in town!" He continues to self advertise his act until some people start showing up. -Marvin