From: Dryad48 <> Subject: [PW!] The Rich and the Poor Date: Saturday, June 12, 1999 8:01 PM <<<<<Previously on the last post>>>>> "Sigh, this is it....." Derrick stood in front of a huge, three story mansion-like house in one of the richer areas of Celadon. He walked up to the porch and rang the doorbell. "Hello? May I help you sir?" The face that answered the door was no one he knew. "Excuse me, but you must have rang our bell for a purpose. I'd like to know your purpose." ". . . . . . . . . . . " Derrick stared blankly and nervously at the person in the doorway. "Excuse me??" He waved his hand in front of Derrick's face and snapped his fingers until Derrick got out of his confusion. Recently, Derrick was told by Erika, after facing her again, to visit his rich ass parents, whom he hasn't seen in a loong time. It was disturbing to not know who the person at the door is..... "Uhh...." Derrick stuttered. "Y y y yyou mu must b b be a n new employee." ". . . . . . . ." "This is my house... and my mom and dad l l live here." "You are a pokemon trainer? Mr. and Mrs. Couror don't have a son, and their daughter is a pokemon trainer." He glared at Derrick. "Don't tell me it's you Marle. YOU had a sex change?" "Excuse me." A woman with her Meowth tapped Derrick's shoulder. "You must have the wrong house." "Hello Mrs. Couror." She looked nothing like his mother. "2750 Laurel Avenue? Right?" She nodded. "BUT I live here!" "Hmm, this IS a problem, how long have you been on your pokemon journey?" "About a year." "Well, we just moved here five months ago." "Shit! Do you know where they moved?" The woman remained silent. "This is bad," Derrick thought. "They didn't move into a house." " . . . . . . . . . . . huh?" "I spoke with your parents before we moved our things in. Their bussiness shut down completely, sad, really." "What how?" "Team Rocket." " . . . . . . ." "Since they had lost everything, they had no choice, but to sell this house. They tried to contact you, but like all pokemon trainers, you were on the move and were never pinpointed." She took out a piece of paper from her purse. "I promised them I would show you the way." She handed the paper. "This is the address." "So, this was all the doing of Team Rocket..." "They took every thing from the company, it was never aired on the news since it happened around the same time Silph. was taken over." "Many thanks for your promise." Derrick set off to find the new location. He took out the paper and read the address. "4444 Catlink Lane." Derrick dropped down. Catlink Lane was located in the bronx of Celadon City. Team Rocket..." "I should have figured it out with all the signs." <<<<<Flashback>>>>> "Hurry up! We have to go now!" "Hold your horses Sirius. I need to call my parents." "Sigh, you try that at every center and the connection is always bad." "Well, maybe this time...." "Yeah right." I picked up the phone and dialed. OPERATOR: "The number you called is unavailable at the time, please hang up and try again. The num..." "Click." I hung up the phone and left the pokemon center. <<<<<Reality>>>>> Derrick was now in Catlink Lane searching the numbers on the houses when he saw a group of mean bums staring at him. For protection, he let out Beedril and they didn't get an inch too close. Derrick finally got to the old run down building that his mom and dad were in. The facade was not palatable with broken windows, rusty tiles, and cracked walls. He peeked inside and saw that the floors were gritty and scalded. "Oh god..." Derrick held his breath and went in. "Creak, creak." His shoes made much noise. "Hello??" he called. "Looters!!!" cried the voice of his mother. his hand was grabbed by his dad holding a steak knife. "Derrick!" His father hugged him tightly. "Derrick, is that you?" his mom asked. "It is!" She ran over and joined the group hug. "How on Earth did you find us?" "Mrs. Couror.." "I TOLD you we could count on her!" "Sorry son, but as you can see, we're broke. We don't have money to give you." "I didn't come for money." "Well, well, well.." "I have money, I guess it will be put to good use remodel this place, especially put in a high tech alarm system." "no no no no no no no." His mother frowned. "Your time with us is over, you go on with your life, we don't want to barge in on your quest." "Nonsense," Dad butted in. "Have the construction workers here ASAP." - - - - - After Much Talk - - - - - "I guess I'll be going now, to pay back Team Rocket." "No," his dad replied. "Revenge always destroys you. It may make things worse. Get a job instead, and send money whenever you can!" "Here, we were saving this for your birthday, but take it now." His mom took out a pokeball. "It's a Pinsir." "I can call it my own, but you two need it more than me. It can defend your house!" Pinsir came out of the pokeball. "You stay here," Derrick commanded. Pinsir looked down and gloom now. "I'll come back for you some day, I promise. Protect Mom and Dad for me." "Pinsir, it nodded in understanding." Derrick walked out of that run down house with one thing on his mind now, Team Rocket. He had to think of a way of getting revenge in the name of his parents, and make money at the same time. There was one thing that popped into mind now, Anti Team Rocket. To Be Continued [Any Comments/Suggestions?] Pokemon of the Story: Pinsir _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ~Dryad48 "If there's a key, then there must be a door. And I intend to find it." "Once again, we are running for our lives, but from our sanity..." "Good comes from bad. Bad comes from good."