From: Frenzy <aznfrenzy@aol.comburger> Subject: Re: [PW!][CANYON]This hurts! Date: Sunday, June 13, 1999 5:30 PM >"Ok, i think we should land the plane >now. With all of the evidence that i >have seen that makes you look guilty of >sabotage, I will overlook that all >together very idioticly!" >-------------------------- >The dry air of the desert was >uncomterable for James. He was used to >the >cool breeze of the ocean always on his >body. Only the sky made him remember >of Cinnibar Island, his home town, and >thats where even more trouble >started... >"Sir! Up there!" >The pilot pointed to a Helicopter crashing. >James gasped. >"It's ATR!" >------------------------- Raven had walk down to where the helicopter crashed to see what equipment he could recover. Trying to ignore the dead bodies that had been once breathing and had been once his comrades Raven searched desperately for anything. Any sort of communication was damaged and the food supply were missing. Two knives and a 48. Caliber pistol with 4 rounds left was whats left that was useful. Raven need to find James or any native pokemon might find a tired Raven easy prey. Not to mention there were a small number of Team Rocket with firearms looking for him dead or alive. "Rhyhorn. Come out!" (Its my fault for the Rhydon mistake back in Pokemon Island.) "Rhyyyyyyhorn!!!!!" The rock pokemon with a broken horn burst out of the pokeball eagerly. "Just in case any Rockets show up. Eat them! ok? Good Rhyhorn." "RHYHORN!!!!" Raven contiuned his search for equipment. He was surprised to find a pokeball hidden in the back of the damaged aircraft. "Where the hell did all our weapons go? No Wigglyweapons? Only this one pokeball left? Those hicks! Those bastards! Who the hell do they think they are?" Raven screamed. "RHYHORN!!!" Rhyhorn gave Raven a "They are $!@#% dead' look. "Hmm lets see whats inside." Raven pressed the button on the pokeball. Out popped an Electrode. "Another pokeball????Wait thats an Electrode." "ELECTRODE!!!" "Hmm well no use leaving it here." "Self..." "Return!!!!" Raven threw the ball just in time as the Electrode was about the selfdestruct. ____ Meanwhile "THOSE HICKS! THOSE BASTARDS!" "Woah what the hell was that?" "I dunno. Maybe one of those ATR are still alive." one rocket member with an accented voice said. "Well lets not keep him waiting. Did he just call us hicks and bastards?" his companion asked. "Yeah. No need to tell the others we will finish the little bastard." the rocket with an accent snorted. "Yeah." the second rocket which was the sniper smirked. Sure there were only four of them here in Grandpa Canyon. But four Rocket members were enough they weren't dumb like some other Rocket members. Besides they had an insurance. They have one of their own agents inside one of ATR's aircraft. She was suppose to sabotage the ship and jump out by herself. The other two rockets went there to meet her. Ah. This is the life. Shooting down planes and sabotaging. ___ "There he is the little bastard. Still living I see. " The two rocket members were hiding near some boulders concealing them from view. "Alive and kicking? " "Trust me he won't be." The sniper set the gun into place and moved the crosshairs near the neck of Raven. His eyes trained at the target. "She sells seashells by the seashore." He pulled the trigger. Raven heard the *CLICK* of the gun but was too late the bullet slammed into Raven's shoulder missing his neck by inches. "DAMN HICKS!!!!!!!" "Curses. Let me try again. She sells seashells by the seashore." the sniper fired again. Raven dived into the helicopter just in time to see the bullet passed harmlessly above Raven only to hit Raven's Rhyhorn at the side. "RHYHORN!!!!" It wasn't a armor piercing bullet and it only made a small dent but it still hurt like hell to Rhyhorn. The bullet struck Rhyhorn's side and ricochet off of it. Raven watched helplessly as the part of the shrapnel entered his leg. "DAMN HICKS!!" Raven shouted and screamed at the same time. Everything began to fade as Raven fell out of consciousness. "Damn that must hurt like thunder." the rocket said. "Don't worry I will put him off his misery. She sells seashells by the seashore!!" "HOLD IT!!" "what?" the sniper stopped. "Somebody's coming! Finish him off later." The sniper's companion suggested. ___ >The helicopter crashed a mile away, and >James reached it a few minutes after >it had. The helicopters cockpit was >compacted and covered with blood. The >pilot, or at least his body, wasn't even >visible. The back of the helicopter >was in better shape, not by much. >Hanging out of the side was a body, >covered in blood and near dead. >"Raven!" James dragged Raven out of the copter. "Good hes alive. Psycho are you here?" <<YES>> "I thought you collapsed." <<I feel better. Ensign , the pilot, and the other agents stayed with the Quicksilver to see what they could do.>> "Thanks buddy. Lets see what we can do for Raven." ____ <<Raven did not fall down like how the copter did. Or else he will be dead. He must have gotten out in time and try to scavenge for equipment>> James and his Abra were trying to dress Raven's wounds as much as possible. "I see. He got shot two times. I will wake him up. And if you are not tired anymore can you go get a medic? I believe one of our agents is one." <<Going>> "RHYHORN!!!!!" "What...." A Rhyhorn leaped and tackle James down. "Heh I am here to help." "Rhyhorn?" "Yeah. Help is coming." _____ "Can I kill them now? I only have two rounds left." "No. I contacted the other two. Seems like the other ship of ATR survived. They and the agent already inside are going to deal with them. Only the pilot, a medic, and two other ATR agents are inside. It won't be a problem. As for here, We should wait. No use warning their comrades." The Rocket laughed. TBC.... Can somebody say She sells seashells by the seashore seven times? Tell me its real the feelin that we feel tell me that its real don't let love come just, to pass us by Try, is all we have to do its up to me and you - "Tell Me Its Real" Kc & JoJo - The Traumatized Paranoid Insane Burger